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We all know the problems that are giving the new iOS update 8 and hope as rain in May, but we must be aware that this update will not fix all the problems that can be found in our terminal.

The list of problems is extensive, but the most common are that we will analyze and discuss one way to fix waiting for the update, this or the next, which is settled directly.

How to solve the battery problems

All updates have a negative impact on battery life and iOS Terminal 8 has not stopped. We have a slightly broader view of this issue and understand that the use of the battery is also determined by the pattern of use we give it, is why I do not think Apple(best iphone case) make any improvement in this respect in future updates system.

There are many things we can recommend, but it is best to look at the recommendations that we have made ​​in a previous publication and choose the one that best fits your needs and use.

How to fix problems connecting to WiFi

During the past two years, the Apple discussion forums have been full of complaints about WiFi, since signals attenuated to unstable connections. These complaints have not stopped with iOS 8 Although there is no guaranteed solution there are some things you can try before taking drastic measures.

  • The first option is to reset the network settings:  Settings > General > Reset > Reset Network Settings . We will have to re-enter the password for access to WiFi.
  • The second alternative is to turn off the WiFi system. To do this: Settings > Privacy > Location > System Services . Turn off WiFi Network Connection and reoffend phone. Once re-offending is a chance that the WiFi is working normally.


How to solve problems with Bluetooth

Oddly enough, this is an issue that has many complaints, especially by those who use the feature to connect to hands-free cars. While there is not a solution for all vehicles and brands handsfree, if we can improve the connectivity of iOS in August.

Follow the path: Settings> General> Reset and Reset settings here proceeds. The saved settings will be lost, but it seems that solve problems for many users.


How to fix bugs related to applications

Have also heard complaints and concerns about the applications on the new operating system freeze or just close. Personally my closes my native Mail app every time I try to reply to a message. So no wonder when third-party apps do.

Native applications suffer adjustments and bug fixes, but third-party developers will be the responsibility of each developer, Apple will not help or intervene, and in this I agree with the company.

Therefore, the only thing left to do is to keep up to date applications. For lazy remember that you have the option to turn on automatic updates for this we must follow the path: Settings> iTunes Store and App Store, and automatic downloads section should activate the updates.


Improving the Performance

While our experience with 8 in the iPhone iOS 6 has been good and fast, others have run into a slowdown at random and certain slowness in the new iPhone. Even though this is not a problem at this time, we could have performance issues in the coming weeks.

There are some ways to speed up the performance of iPhone 6 which can be useful for reducing the effects are basically iOS 8 some are;

  • Eliminate the parallax effect using the path:  Settings > General  > Accessibility  > Reduce Movement . Look who is set " Yes "to remove the effect, if it is not, go and click the switch Reduce movement to put it in green.
  • Getting rid of transparency, go to: Settings > General > Accessibility > Increase Contrast > Reduce Transparency and enable this feature.


How to fix jams in landscape and portrait view

The iPhone 6 gets stuck in landscape view after changing to vertical. This is a big problem, especially when the camera application is used. There is a solution, but a Band-Aid.

When you go to use the same view mode locks the orientation of the phone in the menu control center.


How to solve problems with iMessage

Some problems are the inability to send new messages, mark as unread or new messages arriving hours late. In these circumstances there are some fixes that we can prove.

  1. Disables and enables iMessage (note that it costs)
  2. Restart the terminal.
  3. Resets the configuration of the mobile network: Settings  > General  > Reset  > Reset Network Settings .The phone will reboot and WiFi networks you saved will be lost.

Avoiding random reboots

Appear for some users the random reboots (memory leaks) in the iPhone 6 This error already happened before in iPhone 5 and iPad Mini 5s, Air and Retina. While it does not happen as often as before, still going for some users.

While there is no permanent cure, there are some tips:

  1. Reset the iPhone 6.
  2. Master Reset through:  Settings  > General  > Reset  > Reset All Settings .
  3. Uninstall recent applications
  4. Wait for iOS 8.1.

Improving the late response of the keyboard

Occasionally a slight delay on the keyboard of iPhone 6(iPhone 6 Case) to write an email or a message. For this there is no definitive cure, but you can reset all settings: Settings> General> Reset> Reset All Settings.

Avoiding Problems mobile data

Slow connections, connection and total absence of similar and concerning connectivity with the attendant problems are reported. To try to solve these problems;

  1. Reinicia el iPhone 6.
  2. Disconnect the mobile data: Settings > Data Mobile , you turn off mobile data and 4G.
  3. Enable Airplane mode , wait 30 seconds, and then disconnect active search for mobile networks.


If nothing works

If none of this works and can not find solution on Apple forums, I recommend two paths. First, take the iPhone and take it to a Genius Bar in an Apple Store. For those who can not or will not go, will have to consider performing a factory reset.

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