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October 24 2014 6 24 /10 /October /2014 09:20


  • The iPhone 6 Plus , the 5.5-inch model, and takes one week on the market.
  • Coming soon will the Nexus 6, the new smartphone introduced by Google .
  • You discover how three aspects iPhone 6 Plus is superior to the Nexus 6.

Discover 3 ways in which the iPhone 6 Plus is better than the Nexus 6


Two of the biggest technology companies in the world have submitted their new device stars for this season. On the one hand we have the Apple iPhone 6 Plus, which already has a few weeks on the market, and on the other hand we have the new Google Nexus 6 which was presented a few days ago and will be released very soon. Previously we have faced both devices in a comparative, but today I will discuss three areas in which the iPhone 6 Plus is superior.

Google has already made ​​official the new Nexus 6, his new phablet waiting to break tackles in the market and compete directly with the iPhone 6 Plus, the first phablet Apple. Note that the Nexus 6 is manufactured by Motorola, a company that until recently owned by Google and is now China's Lenovo.


In terms of technical features found several differences between the two devices, not to mention the exterior design and the software, as one is Android and iOS is another. But as we said earlier, today I will discuss three aspects in which Apple's smartphone exceeds the Nexus 6.

In what ways is better than the iPhone 6 Plus 6 Google Nexus?

One of the things that Apple is the top smartphone is the processor. The iPhone 6 Plus integrates the new A8 chip with 64-bit architecture, while the Nexus 6 incorporates a Qualcomm Snapdragon 805 Quad-core processor.

Second, another point where the iPhone 6 Plus takes advantage is in the fact that it has the fingerprint sensor Touch ID under the Home button, which was already introduced in the iPhone 5s(cheap iphone cases). However, Google has decided not choose to incorporate a fingerprint sensor in its new flagship, indeed, does not even have a physical home button.


On the other hand, we can not overlook the fact that the iPhone 6 Plus is one of the finest mobile devices currently on the market. That also makes it so fine that it is a fairly light device, something to be welcomed considering its large dimensions. So the iPhone 6 Plus has measures 158.1 × 77.8 × 7.1 mm and weighs just 172 grams. Meanwhile, the Nexus 6 measures 159.26 × 82.98 × 10.06 mm and weighs 184 grams.

Two great devices that will be competing in the market

Both the iPhone and the Nexus 6 Plus 6 are two very interesting devices with powerful technical characteristics able to provide a very good user experience.


At other times we mentioned that one of the advantages of having the Google smartphone when elected was his great value, as they had very competitive prices. However, with the Nexus 6 have changed this policy and have chosen to launch the smartphone priced from $ 650.

So if you're thinking about getting one of these two smartphones, but do not know which decantarte, you see that the decision will be complicated.

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