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June 30 2014 2 30 /06 /June /2014 12:05


  • A recent study says that if Apple launches iPhone 6 larger, many Android users would migrate to iOS .
  • The main "fault" of the Apple iPhone: the price and the size of your screen .
  • The iPhone 6 might be the most demanded smartphone 2014 .


Many Android users would switch to iOS if Apple launches the iPhone 6 with a larger screen

A recent survey by RBC Capital Markets, said that a new iPhone 6(best iphone 4 case) with a larger screen would attract about 35% of Android users, since apparently the main reason for users to buy Android devices is the size of the screen.

In fact, the well-known analyst Amit Daryanani, said the screen size of the iPhone is the only device that they miss most Android users to decide to switch to iOS.

As you know, the iPhone is logging the biggest single global brand in the sale of smartphones and almost half of the respondents, namely 49.4%, said they were planning to buy an iPhone in the next three months.


The price and size of the screen, the Achilles heel of Apple

And that there are two factors that have helped Android acquire a large volume of users from all iPhone users: price and screen.

No doubt that iPhone prices are somewhat high, or maybe not. If we make a brief study on the market today, we see that the prices of companies like Samsung or Nokia are much lower than the Cupertino company Why?.

Being completely objective, no doubt that Apple users pay the brand(best iphone 5 cases), but ignoring this obvious fact and focusing more on the quality of the products and their features, we can see that the price difference between the different phone companies mobile in terms of high-end smartphones are not so distant.


Are the iPhone so expensive as we think?

Samsung and Nokia, for example, selling all kinds of different models of smartphones, such as smartphones low-medium range, designed only for basic use to surf the Internet, make calls, talk on WhatsApp and have hand-Mail .

Later we find the high-end smartphones, which are those who compete against Apple with the iPhone and that is where the prices of different smartphones are not so distant, like performance, increasingly similar and that is where the Cupertino company wants to win the game with the new iPhone 6.

Recently the potential price 4.7-inch iPhone 6 filtered and after analyzing have seen that, despite the marked increase in screen size, Apple plans to maintain its price, even lower it, since the 32 Gb iPhone 6 would have the same price as the 16GB iPhone 5s.


The screen size, a problem solved with the Apple iPhone 6

The other key point that I highlighted above focuses on the size of the iPhone screen. According to the survey, 23% of respondents, corresponding to 35% of Android users say they would buy an iPhone 6(samsung galaxy note case) if the Cupertino company toss it with a larger screen.

And is that to our knowledge, large screen smartphones represent almost a quarter of total sales of Android users because as you have seen every day, more and more smartphones notoriously large screen that can be found in street.

So, as you guys say Electronista, a pretty good thing we have left thanks to this survey and is none other than Apple's strategy should focus on launching a larger iPhone 6 and a fair price to other flagship smartphones competition. If so, Apple could snatch many Android users. Do not you think?

Android User Are You? What do you buy the iPhone 6 if you arrive with a significant increase in the screen?

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