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It is customary that when a user exclaims his intention of becoming a Samsung Galaxy relates to one of the high-end equipment of the South Korean manufacturer. That has been one of the achievements of the team of company promotion, getting set up the largest family of smart devices out there on the market today, and largely responsible for the overwhelming success is reaping for years.

However, when considering the purchase of your Samsung Galaxy(htc one v case), the client eventually consider three basic factors, which could list more or less important in the final decision as follows: price, screen size and technical performance. By following these guidelines, we will now distinguish roughly five devices that are specially designed five user profiles: the Samsung Galaxy Young, Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini, Samsung Galaxy S4, Samsung Galaxy 3 and Samsung Galaxy Note Mega 6.3.


Samsung Galaxy Young

The midrange terminals and Input Samsung constitute the bulk of the broader family of equipment manufacturer. We select it because it is the most clear is what your target audience. It can be found in stores for a price of around 100 euros, and that in a free format, which makes it a very affordable terminal and candy for operators, if we do not care to adjust to the conditions phone.

His tricks are beyond price, size and performance in its tailored to the needs of a mainly young audience or users who are not particularly interested in smart phones. It has a display of 3.27 inches, a mononuclear processor and three-megapixel camera. It is fairly light and connections it offers just what the customer needs that could be interesting for him: Wi-Fi, 3G, GPS, Bluetooth and microUSB.


Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini

Soon we will see the approach of the new family of Samsung Lite, but as she arrives, Mini Series teams represent a good alternative to those who want power and good performance without setting foot on the manufacturer's premium line. This Samsung Galaxy Mini S4(cute samsung galaxy s4 cases) limit the high-end brand. Its official price in free format is 420 euros, but you can find it for about 300 euros if we look good.

We are now at a phone with 4.3-inch screen and eight-megapixel camera. The device bases its power on a dual-core processor 1.7 GHz and is available in a version equipped with one of the most complete profiles segment connections: Wi-Fi, 3G, 4G, NFC, Bluetooth, GPS and microUSB. Its multimedia capabilities is actually solvent, and has eight GB of internal memory expandable up to 64 GB from a memory card.


Samsung Galaxy S4

The balance of the premium range of Samsung embodied in its flagship. It is the most powerful moving company, but the most representative of its success. The fourth generation of mobile bedside South Korea is clearly aimed at users seeking reference teams that see them face to face with any first sword competition.

The proposal wielding this terminal is not only based on the power, but also in functionality: its great features are consistent with exclusive features and innovative applications that make the Samsung Galaxy S4 is distinguished from the other teams in its class offering intelligent applications multiplying the user experience. Officially costs, in free format, about 530 euros, although as in the previous case, we could find by far less. Technically known for its five-inch FullHD display, megapixel camera or thirteen powerful quad-core processor.


Samsung Galaxy Note 3

Today is the patanegra Samsung. And not only that: it is also the undisputed reference smartphone market in general and tabletófonos (phones with large screen) in particular. In stores we can find it for about 650 euros, and although power exceeds the Samsung Galaxy S4(best iphone 4 cases), the terminal is not intended for all audiences. Its huge 5.7-inch display clearly determines the type of customer who is interested in it, a type of customer who is ever expanding, seduced by their spectacular performance.

And the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 provides the most powerful processor on the market, 800 Snapdragon quad-core 2.3 GHz, plus take three GB of RAM. With such features, the terminal becomes the first to exploit the possibilities of video recording in ultra high definition (UHD), which also allows the Acer Liquid S2, but Samsung team has advantage in the market for its popularity and have been released before. Not surprisingly, has over ten million units shipped worldwide.


Samsung Galaxy Mega 6.3

We close the review raise the bar in size but in performance and lowering prices. The Samsung Galaxy Mega 6.3 is the solution that the manufacturer put on the table an alternative to fans tabletófonos without resorting to the prices of family Galaxy Note. Their goal is not to be a bestseller, but cover a space occupied by the catalog Samsung Galaxy Mega 5.8, a model somewhat smaller.

The most interesting of the Samsung Galaxy Mega 6.3 is that we got a large team (one might almost say that we have a mini tablet with phone functionality) paying a reasonable price, which is around € 350 in free format. Its performance, in fact, approaching that seen in the Samsung Galaxy Mini S4, highlighting its dual-core processor 1.7 GHz, the RAM of 1.5 GB and its eight megapixel camera. Because some believe that size matters, but the price also.

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