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June 11 2014 4 11 /06 /June /2014 05:27
  • The reference to the framework is subtle in a session of the way WWDC14 .
  • The result would be scaling for larger screen devices without losing quality.
  • Something similar is used in the application development environment for Android .


The framework Adaptive Display would be a further indication confirming an iPhone launch 6th largest

It seems clear that Apple intends to release an iPhone with a larger than the current screen. Numerous rumors also suggest that the expected iPhone 6 will have two different sizes and will probably be launched on different dates. Is expected to go first to integrate a 4.7-inch screen and later the 5.5 inches.

A whole long list of rumors about the iPhone 6(cute iphone 4 cases) future we have been hearing in recent weeks, we should add a fact that has gone unnoticed for almost all during the celebration of the WWDC14 and could be a clue that would help us to confirm that next Apple phone will take a larger screen.


In an article in The Guardian by journalist Charles Arthur reference to the website of the conference which was published a session for developers Apple iOS in which he spoke of the new features such as the two frameworks is UIKit and the AppKit and its benefits when support different sizes and orientations on the screens.

Although Apple has devices with screen sizes ranging from 3.5 up to 9.7 inches, some developers have confessed to the journalist that one of the concepts that has been managed during the conference, such as adaptive display, was a new term this year.


Adaptive Display The concept is new for developers

According to these developers, the novelty introduced would be the ability to scale vector elements so they can adapt to any screen size, something like what to do when applications are made in Android environment.

This could maintain the appearance and visual quality of the applications at the time that Cupertino could present new devices with larger screens without waiting for subsequent amendments to the developers as they have in the past.


Apple tries to make an attractive operating system for users and developers and that they feel more comfortable doing that iOS(cheap iphone 5 case) applications for the Android platform. Seek to offer features that may be missing in the vicinity of Google or others, being present, allowing users to decide switch platforms without sacrificing them.

Although Apple's policy has always been to give priority to the quality of the screens rather than its size or have expressed concern for the autonomy of the battery with larger screens, it seems that in recent years these ideas have changed and would not mind an increase in the size of the screens, but without sacrificing quality or so-called "white point" that serves as a measure for comparing the colors displayed on screen with real life.

Could this be a definitive indication to confirm the arrival of the iPhone 6th largest?

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