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May 21 2013 3 21 /05 /May /2013 08:30

The new generations are not yet ready for the tablet(Hyundai T10) era, the old self. However, a new concept will radically change the market for smartphones that end up disappearing. We talked about watches and smart glasses. It is also possible that in the end nothing happens not what I'm saying.

This is the second part of the final analysis that begins in this post. If you have not read the above, it is convenient to do so. If you do not, I accept that it is possible that you comment criticizing a post that is not really well understood without having read the previous. Please read it, and then criticize it, I'm sure there are reasons to do it. At least, try these reasons why criticize me make sense and have a base, so we can discuss in the comments section.

The new generations are more "intelligent"

Not that your IQ is higher, but are simply more "smarties". Tweet, monitor their sporting activity, use an application to find the best place for tapas in town, try to order a taxi via Twitter. That is what people can not survive only with a Tablet PC. Otherwise, smartphones would be gone, or at least, have been marginalized to a minority of sales. These generations not only need an Internet connection to carry forever, but also need a smartphone that can go with them. In fact, if they could have a microchip implanted in the brain would be ideal. Well, for that were born the Google Glass and smart watches.


Clocks and intelligent glasses smartphones kill

This is the issue that will motivate more critical. I know it will be a matter of months or intelligent glasses make smart watches that sales of smartphones entering auger. But I do think that in a couple of years everything has changed. The new generations of which we speak have adopted smart glasses or a watch, and this is almost certain. It's as close to a cerebral microchip, or a neural wheel currently. A watch like any other, we carry on the wrist, with which to communicate, to which we can send you make a call, or we can say that tweeted. A clock that can project a keyboard with which to write, for if we are to those who hate the voice recognition system how bad work in some cases.

All this sounds futuristic, it sounds like it will not work ever, but the technological level and permits, and the sooner we still had to move a lot, not anymore. Now is the time when the Google Glass will hit the market and everyone is going to be able to buy. For 1,000 euros. And who will pay 1,000 euros? Not most, that is clear. Basically, it's like a trip between two cities. When we are half way and you see the signs and the remainder to the destination city, we know that it's about time we got there, but still could happen a thousand things that prevent us from coming. That was the situation for years, where technology was going to move forward and meet him in the past appeared only in science fiction movies. However, today we have progressed in the way. There are no indications to the city, but we see the lights of the same, are monuments, and even started crossing with the houses in the periphery. Could even a catastrophe to divide the land into two and we could not get to the city, but in any normal situation, we know that not only is it possible, it is entirely likely. Well that's what happens now. Not only can they get smart watches or Google Glass, but is as likely to be strange to happen otherwise.

In a couple of years begin to be major tablets and "smarties"

Clocks and intelligent glasses, the "smarties" or only one of these two, end up being the majority in a matter of time, in a couple of years. It seems that the Google Glass hit the market by the beginning of next year 2014. If now, we have been limited to a number of people, costing $ 1,500, when they arrive at the sale will, almost certainly, cheaper. In any case, let's talk about 1000 euros. How long before companies like Samsung, Huawei, Sony, and ZTE, in copying the glasses? Suppose Apple launches a smart watch, how long before these same companies to launch another? Say a year. At that time, we will have seen a second Google Glass, or a second smart watch, to be dropped in price to 700, 800 or 900 euros. The price of Sony, Samsung, Huawei could go 500 or 600 euros. With little, a free terminal ends up costing something close to that. In two years, will begin to be majority as was the iPhone at launch. It's as simple as that. It's a matter of time.

The tablets(PIPO M9) are the devices work, while intelligent watches or spectacles, are the day-to-day. With that tweet, with which to check-in, and with which to monitor our running or bike racing. It's all about time. In any case, it is still an opinion, and what I believe. It could be quite the opposite.

Who can have a tablet with 3G?

Turning to today, who can have a tablet with 3G?. Mainly those who live to tweet, do not use a lot Foursquare, which tend to go down the street with your smartphone. All these can opt for a tablet with 3G. Moreover, it is likely that even be a much better choice than a smartphone for that matter. The you who are not permanently connected, you can opt for the tablet. This always has an Internet connection if 3G. Obviously speak of those who make calls, so you can call, and you will notice a different one negative, the opposite.

Who can not have a tablet with 3G?

From my point of view, and after replacing my smartphone for a week for a tablet, anyone who is like me. That is, people who tweet a lot, a lot people using their smartphone when they go out, people using Runtastic, etc.. Why? Because ultimately the tablet is not as comfortable as the smartphone, although it has many other advantages. If only you use your smartphone, for example, to monitor your sport, then you can opt for the tablet and smartphone use only in those cases.

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