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March 29 2013 6 29 /03 /March /2013 11:23

The number one Amazon has filed a patent for a tablet without processor and battery. The screen will communicate wirelessly with a primary station, from where he took both the power and the data to be displayed.

One day there may be a tablet(Onda Tablet PC) without processor and battery. At least that's what it says Jeff Bezos, Amazon's number one, who has filed with the Vice President Gregory Hart a patent relating to "a remote display that consists of a portable display that wirelessly receives power and data from a station primary. "

In this scenario, the e-reader or tablet would become the simple screens, would be eliminated any problem of processing power and battery life, and mobile devices so constructed would be lighter and thinner than ever. Not only that remote displays would not even need to be reloaded with the traditional cable.


The handling seems the first reason that led the couple to Seattle to record the patent. "The ability to reduce the size of the devices is rather limited, because today integrate components such as transformers and batteries affecting sull'ingombro and weight. You can choose smaller batteries, but would provide enough autonomy for many users."

The idea probably is linked to most of the market analysis, according to which the tablets(Ifive Tablet PC) are mainly used within the home environment. Among the scenarios proposed in the description of the patent, however, are also much more complex reality such as university campuses. "A college campus may have more primary stations scattered throughout the area, able to establish a network of power and data via wireless capable of serving all students anywhere in the campus."


That's not all. Bezos believes that its wireless technology can be articulated into "potential applications for use windshield or glass lenses as screens when desired."

Although the presentation is not talked about, another advantage of the idea of ​​Amazon would be a reduction in the cost of devices, subject always been central to the strategy of Amazon. For example, in view of current as that of digital books in schools students may have access to the means of study with very low figures. Amazon on the other hand would have a certain group of customers for its cloud services, which are one of the major channels of revenue for the company.

The side effect of this patent is unequivocal fact to combine the strengths of Amazon: tablet(Ampe Tablet PC) and cloud computing. The company had somehow tried to tie the tablet to cloud services with the Kindle Fire Silk browser, which downloads the data from the servers of the sites you visit in the traditional way, processes them on its servers and then sends them to the Fire.

Today promises a station in Amazon's own tablet which would be inextricably linked to the development and supply, and that would inevitably lead users to lean to its cloud services. In the future the station could disappear altogether in favor of a media processing servers from Amazon for any type of content, which are already able to do today.

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