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August 5 2013 2 05 /08 /August /2013 10:04

The iPhone 5S, the Samsung Galaxy Note 3(Galaxy Ace S5830 Cases), the Microsoft Surface 2 and the iPad will be 5 stars. iPhone 5S or Samsung Galaxy Note 3? Microsoft Surface 2 or iPad 5?


Who iPhone 5S or Samsung Galaxy Note 3 find a place in your bag at home? Craqueras you for 5 or iPad for Microsoft Surface 2? And yes, it's August and in a few weeks, you will recover the benches of the college. To organize the first parties BDE, a flagship smartphone you must have! Perfect, the release of the iPhone 5S and Samsung Galaxy Note 3 are planned for the first days of September. That the iPad 5, and 13-inch screen test, or Microsoft Surface 2 will be perfect to take psych (or to impress the girl in the second row)? As every year, the puzzle racing back again, but in 2013, chronic geek meltyStyle will help you find yourself among these five iPad, Microsoft Surface 2, iPhone 5S, Samsung Galaxy Note 3, and other specifications 24x32 small squares.

Next smartphone, it might be time to let your Nokia 3310. And so, in 2013, the next iPhone 5S and Samsung Galaxy Note 3 allow you to play something other than Snake. Playing with birds, take pictures of the first new year, send them on Instagram and Facebook surfing are among the possibilities of these phones 2.0. iPhone 5S, iPhone 5, Samsung Galaxy S4(samsung power bank for smartphones) ... you spoiled for choice, but if you want a minimum of swag meltyStyle advise you iPhone 5S or the Samsung Galaxy Note 3, with its giant screen. Every smartphone its strengths and weaknesses: With the iPhone 5S, you'll have the same phone as your father and the Samsung Galaxy Note 3, you'll feel like a flat screen in your pocket.


The iPhone 5S is a bit of Apple's last chance. The gap apple Steve Jobs should send heavy with the iPhone 5S Camera latest generation overkill and even a fingerprint reader. The latest rumors point to an iPhone 5S available in multiple colors: Red, green, blue, or even pink. The perfect gift for your girlfriend. As for the Samsung Galaxy Note 3, it should have a slightly larger than the previous screen. With it, you'll be able to watch the movie in Full HD, edit your photos ... The Samsung Galaxy Note 3, it's a Samsung Galaxy S4(samsung galaxy s4 accessories) bigger! Between the iPhone 5S and Samsung Galaxy Note 3, no winner, but for different purposes.


You dropped your Nokia 3310 to a 5S iPhone or Samsung Galaxy Note 3? Now is the time to give your Sony Vaio recovered from your parents for a real tablet, which will fit perfectly in your bag. Apple will indeed introduce the iPad 5. Lighter, faster ... The iPad 5 will not revolutionize the tablet, but with its new look and iOS 7 is tested right now in meltyStyle, iPad 5 will be THE tablet of school. But maybe you will prefer the Microsoft Surface 2? After the partial failure of the first generation, Microsoft will introduce a new Microsoft Surface. And with its integrated keyboard, you'll finally be able to take your classes properly without yet into nerd you.

That you have chosen the iPhone 5S or the Samsung Galaxy Note 3, the Microsoft Surface 2 or iPad 5, you made the right choice. After all, you either have class or you did not, said my grandfather. We imagine that your student on a tight budget (ours too actually) and meltyStyle advise you well scrutinize offers Samsung, Apple, Microsoft in the coming weeks to save Apple proposes, for example, right now a € 40 gift card to purchase any iPhone or iPad. With a true smartphone and a new tablet, you will have no excuse to go to catch-up info or to miss the first night of BDE. Take advantage of your last (long) weeks in the sun before returning to the RER-Course Afterwork routine.

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