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April 11 2014 6 11 /04 /April /2014 09:53

The high cost of repairing a smartphone , especially those resulting from the replacement of the screen breakage , promotes many users resort to the parts offered in online stores and fix the mess themselves . The cost savings can be, if you do not have insurance , important. However, with the Samsung Galaxy S5 may not be as profitable as an analysis of iFixit has determined that access inside the smartphone is extremely complicated .

IFixit tests have become a test of great significance in the network not only for rating the difficulty of repairing the foremost electronic devices, including smartphones(galaxy s4 cases) and tablets. It also shows in detail much of the chip and integrated circuits. Thus we know more deeply the more technical features of the model to dissect . The arrival of the Samsung Galaxy S5 market has not gone unnoticed by the guys at iFixit .


Complicated, very complicated access

The hands of that company technicians have already thrown down the gauntlet to Samsung Galaxy S5 and first impressions are not encouraging , at least from the point of view disassembly. And the test of " dissection " of the terminal points has been particularly difficult , especially those related to the display. At first disarming the outer parts of the shell does not imply any problems. The battery is removable once the back cover is removed, but the work becomes more uncomfortable as interior parts tingle as the plate and the screen itself.


The display component that requires a "special" touch

As shown in some of the sequences captured by iFixit disassembly of the screen is extremely complex , especially when taking off the strong adhesive holding the display. For this process a source of intense heat is required to prevent breakage and once off , you need to apply a new adhesive strip . If to this we add that detail to access any other part inside the Samsung Galaxy S5(samsung galaxy note case) we must remove the display , can guess that any repair is a delicate both .


For this and other reasons iFixit has determined that the facility to repair the model is rather low , puntuándolo with 5 of a possible 10 , with 10 being the easier to repair the smartphone. For comparison we must add that the previous model, the Samsung Galaxy S4 , obtained in the same test a score of 8 out of 10 . Would you now dare to get their hands on a Samsung Galaxy S5 ?

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