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April 1 2014 3 01 /04 /April /2014 10:42

Over the past year 2013, Samsung and LG are both market makers launched for the first time with smartphones with flexible display and curved body . So , we learned about the LG G - Flex which is marketed in Spain , and the Samsung Galaxy Round , which unfortunately has not left the borders of their home country. Anyway, none of them has it achieved, at least for the moment, a striking in the level of sales, but this latest success could change for the next generation that both LG and Samsung significantly modify its strategy for smartphones Flexible screen.

Although , as was already mentioned , nor LG G Flex, or the Samsung Galaxy(samsung s4 covers) Round have enjoyed a remarkable popularity among smartphone users , this is not a deciding factor in the plans of both manufacturers for the development of two separate generational relay for the LG G Flex and Samsung Galaxy Round. However, according to information reaching us , yes it would have served to LG and Samsung to change the orientation of these devices.


LG G Flex and Samsung Galaxy Round distarían their generational relay

According to the information we receive , LG and Samsung modify the construction of its smartphones that will arrive to relieve the LG G Flex and Samsung Galaxy Round about what these two devices have shown us. As we have seen , both are characterized by the incorporation of a flexible display mounted on a curved body, however, the LG G Flex body maintains a horizontal curvature, while the curvature of the Samsung Galaxy Round is vertical.

As for the relay, LG G Flex, we can assume that arrives as LG G Flex 2 , rumors suggest that the diagonal of the screen would be reduced until 5.5 inches, but not only this would be part of the changes over the current model. Moreover, it also suggests that the device would offer a higher resolution , reaching up to 1920 x 1080 pixels , Full - HD , which would give the device a higher pixel density - relationship between pixels and diagonal . Moreover, it appears that the approach of the next passes Galaxy(htc one x phone cases) Round - modification - significant improvements in the design thereof can be modified even vertical curvature for a more similar to the LG G Flex .

Is " change roles " Samsung and LG ?

In connection with the above, it appears that Samsung and LG could take another manufacturer that has been lacking in their own devices. Ie to improve LG LG G Flex 2 the quality of the screen, while a Samsung - Samsung Galaxy Round showing best quality screen - take "example" design currently offered by the LG G Flex.

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