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April 14 2014 2 14 /04 /April /2014 10:51
  • Gameloft launches new official trailer for the game The Amazing Spider-Man 2 .
  • The game is acclimating to the new movie Spider-Man .
  • The game will be released on April 17 at the App Store , coinciding with the premiere of the film in Spain.


Gameloft officially announced the first official trailer for The Amazing Spider -Man 2 for iPad and iPhone

Gameloft has finally released the official trailer of the game The Amazing Spider- Man 2, the new game for iPad and iPhone inspired by the new movie Spider -Man.

We have to get into the skin of Peter Parker and go gliding among major skyscraper one of the most spectacular cities in the world . Our goal will be none other than protecting all New Yorkers citizens fearsome villains constantly beset the city. With the emergence of Electro, Peter will face a powerful enemy, even more powerful than Spider -Man himself.

So much so that we will give everything to get away with all evil , Electro included. And with this fabulous official game trailer for iOS(iphone 4 cases) for "The Amazing Spider- Man 2" , we have discovered some of the most significant and important game for iPad and iPhone issues. The highlight of the trailer is the variety of costumes available we'll play along : " Symbiote Spider- Man," " Ultimate Comics Spider -Man ", " Scarlet Spider" , "Iron Spider" , "Superior Spider -Man. "Among many others.


The Amazing Spider- Man 2 will hit the App Store next Thursday, April 17th , the same day the film opens in Spain

In addition , next to the official trailer of the new game from Gameloft , the company wanted to publicize the date of the official launch of the App Store . So the game The Amazing Spider -Man 2 for iPad and iPhone come next week , precisely on Thursday April 17 , the very day that its release in theaters in our country , Spain .

By now, though its release this more closely, we do not know the official price of the game. However, according to the guys at iPhoneItalia(best iphone 5s cases) , Gameloft has said that the game will not be free, but has not ruled out including the service in-app purchases (which may still be present in the game despite being paid ) .


Thus, we know little about the new game from Gameloft that will be released next Thursday, April 17, 2014 , so we'll have to wait for the official release to occur to be able to offer a full review of the game.

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