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December 7 2012 6 07 /12 /December /2012 09:13


The explosion of digital media in France and associated uses is not a surprise. But the latest barometer of the University of Paris-Dauphine (for Q3) confirms that these practices are varied and widespread.

The PC equipment continues to grow: 4.1% year on year, 20.7 million machines installed (812 000 households). Penetration has now reached almost 76%. The study nevertheless speaks of a maturing market.

This is not the case of smartphones(JIAYU mobile phone) ... Over 55% of individuals equipped with a mobile now have a smartphone, an annual increase of 40%. 23.8 million French are now equipped.

Bond packages from 11 to 20 euros

As a result, nearly 50% of people with a mobile(JIAYU G2 dual core) Internet use from their phone, or 22 million people. In one year, use increased by 22%.

This explosion is particularly favored by the continued decline in the price of packages since the beginning of the year, down initiated by Free Mobile - JIAYU G2S. According to the study, half of the Internet users spend between 11 and 30 euros to their mobile plan packages with an increase between 11 and 20 euros (+13% yoy) who conquered the quarter nearly 30% of Internet users .


If lower rates initially attracted people paying their package cheaper (lower packages between 21 and 30 euros for packages less than 20 euros), it now affects those who had opted for the package higher (lower packages between 51 and 80 euros for packages between 31 and 50 euros).


On the Internet, 20.3 million homes will have access today, an annual increase of 4% and a penetration of 74%. Almost all of these connections are broadband (DSL, cable and fiber) with 19.4 million households with (+6% in one year, 1.9 million additional households).

For the first time, the penetration of broadband in France exceeds 70%, the study notes. It remains still excluded 30% of households in France a comfortable Internet ...

Generalization one hand, diversification of the other. The study highlights the surge in connected TV with 3.4 million households with an annual increase of 118%!

Warning to not delude ourselves. You should know that the vast majority of televisions sold today are connectable. Moreover, the practice does not necessarily follow. Users connect primarily from their box or even their game consoles The connectable TV is not necessarily connected especially in France where the TV box is very widespread.

Side uses the e-commerce knows no crisis with 18 million Internet users reported having made a purchase in the last month, an annual increase of 7%.

Mysterious drop of m-commerce

The growth of online banking with more moderate 2.4% or 21.8 million users claiming to have used the service in the last month. Still, over one year, the number of Internet users has increased by more than 500,000.

Attendance reinforces social networks unsurprisingly its place among the practices more common Internet users. In one year, increased enrollment in community sites reached nearly 15%, so that the number of students enrolled in at least one of these sites has passed the 30 million in the third quarter of 2012.

"We can see the effect of this growth dynamic professional networks, the rise of Twitter and the emergence of new community sites," the study notes.

Bad surprise by side against m-commerce Yet at the center of all discussions. According to the study, the number of individuals who have made a purchase from a mobile has declined by 21% over the quarter and 14.4% year on year to 3.7 million people. "Perhaps this is due to low download paid applications?" Asks the study.

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