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January 25 2013 6 25 /01 /January /2013 08:48

The Internet has been jokingly dubbed the hypothetical smartphone from Google as "X Phone" - JIAYU JY-G3. Do you really want to create their own Google phone?


Since Google bought in May 2011 Motorola mobile company everyone is waiting for something to come later or earlier: the time when the most famous search engine company in the world announced that launches its own smartphone - JIAYU G2S.

Been a few months of continuity in the management of Motorola: basically the brand has continued its work plans and production line to the point of throwing some devices that do not use Android (mobile operating system developed by Google). The executives have not stopped searching clarify that Motorola management is being well to avoid "losses in the short and long term" for closing projects that were already in production.

Let's not forget that Google has always proven to be able to look long term. Projects that once many pharaonic branded as Google Maps or Google Earth, not generate revenue but are now just one of the attractions that keep constantly in the spotlight the Google brand and convince users of the value of the search.

The ultimate goal of Google is not just to make money selling phones - ThL W2+, but loyal (and if possible increase) the hearing of your browser, your primary source of income. Today Samsung is using Android, but there is no guarantee that it will be so forever. If Google manages to own a phone to ensure that a critical mass of users continue to use your operating system, your browser and your applications will have all the aces in your hand to stay on top for decades.

Google takes a while hinting of ways to announce something big this spring on the newly acquired multinational. There are already plenty of rumors about how would this (yet) hypothetical phone, provisionally known online as 'Google X Phone' (and it would be surprising that Google had just by picking up the torch and accept the name: when the public and has called you there is little you can do about it).

Some of the options that are talked about are believable, like a battery more durable and advanced gesture recognition technology, others are possible, as the use of a ceramic material in the case to make it virtually unbreakable, others sound like science fiction, as the possibility of having a foldable screen (a technology that already exists but it is still expensive to produce). Since there is not a single fact that is more than a rumor, not only hope to be the company itself who unveil what the future Google phone, I'm sure that will not be long in coming.

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