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April 3 2014 5 03 /04 /April /2014 04:45


The iPhone has become part of everyday life for many of us now , but there are still some hidden features , at least for the less experienced . A few weeks after the new iPhone 6(cheap iphone 5 cases) , we propose a list of 15 features of which probably will not be aware of.

1.Make a passcode to letters instead of numbers
1 . Go to Settings> General> Passcode Lock .
2 . Disable the setting that says " Simple Passcode " .
3 . A screen will appear asking you to change the access code , along with a full QWERTY keyboard. The next time you unlock the phone , the keypad will be displayed instead of just the numeric keypad.

2.Have Syrians who reads your e-mails aloud
Tell Siri , " Read my email, " and it will. You'll hear the sender's name , the date / time of the message and the phrase in the subject.

3.See the time of delivery of its messages
Is there an easy way to display the timestamp of messages in iOS 7: just touch the screen and drag the text to the left .

4.See which planes fly over your head
Ask Siri , "What flights are on top of me ?" Or simply " aircraft " will come out a table with each flight plan , its altitude , and its angle .

5.Shake 's iPhone to delete the text of the message
Shaking the phone , you will see a box with the text "undo typing " .

6.Looking in detail the calendar
Just put the phone in a horizontal position to have a detailed view of the calendar

7.Double click on " Shift" to uppercase
Do you want to change the body of the text? just double click on the shift to switch between uppercase and lowercase

8.Using the iPhone as a level
Just use the compass app to use the iPhone as a level to hang pictures and other

9.Disable purchases app
Go to Settings > General> Restrictions , Enable Restrictions. Scroll down to turn off app purchases .

10.Making consecutive pictures at once
Just hold down the shutter button and the camera will automatically activate the "burst" mode . The phone(vintage iphone 4 cases) captures a moltitufine of photos in quick succession and saves automatically

11.Having a different set of dashes
Press and hold the dash on the keyboard to get a menu of super-cool dashes

12.Take a picture with the volume button
Instead of using the circle on the touch screen for a selfie , just press the volume button , just like a camera

13.Take pictures with the headset button
Press the center button on the headset to take a picture. Also great for selfie !

14.Choose between different types of vibration
In your app, you can enable different vibration patterns for different contacts. This is especially useful if you hold the phone in your pocket, so you can distinguish between a nuisance and a welcome email

15.Put the iPhone in airplane mode to load faster
Great for when you need to charge your phone quickly in a bar

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