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August 29 2014 6 29 /08 /August /2014 11:24


  • iOS offers the ability to help all those users who have some type of visual problem.
  • Endre numerous options, we have the ability to invert the colors of the iOS screen for easy reading.
  • We teach you how to make use of this feature by following a few simple steps.


Reverse the color screen of the iPhone and iPad thanks to iOS accessibility options

We've talked in the past about the number of accessibility options that today offers iOS us. Thankfully, Apple's bet on including this type of aid in its mobile operating system. It is because of this that many people with disabilities can continue to use your iOS device (iPhone or iPad) in a more convenient way.

For some people who are visually impaired, iOS provides the ability to invert the colors on the screen of the iPhone and iPad to make the text easier to read, especially for users who are color blind or partially color blind. The ability to invert the colors of the screen is a feature found in accessibility options that comes with every iPhone(cool phone cases) and iPad. So if you suffer from visual impairments, or you know someone who does, inverting the colors on the screen of your device can greatly enhance the experience while using iOS.


How to invert the screen colors on the iPhone and iPad

1. Open the application  settings on the home screen of the iPhone or iPad. 
2. See generally  General.
3. Click on  Accessibility.
4. Now activate the option to  Invert Colors  (found in the Vision section above).


As you can now watch the colors on the screen of your iPhone or iPad will be invested and will have the appearance of a photographic negative (more or less). This can make it easier for people with visual impairments to choose certain content and browsing easier. Also, always have the possibility to re-enter settings at any time to return to disable this option.

Invert the colors using the home button

You could set the triple click the home button and action to reverse the colors, which have the possibility to do it anytime, anywhere without having to access the system settings. To do this just follow a few simple steps:

1. Open the application  settings  on the home screen of the iPhone or iPad(cheap iphone 5s cases). 
2. See generally  General.
3. Click on  Accessibility.
4. Scroll all the way down and click Shortcut.
5. Once there, we will choose the option to Invert Colors.


As iMore comment from now to make a triple-click the home button, the inverted colors in our iOS screen is activated from anywhere. If at any time we wish to disable this option only have to retrace our steps.It's that easy!

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