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November 14 2013 5 14 /11 /November /2013 04:40


The Korean company Samsung has launched the upgrade to Android 4.3 (Jelly Bean) for the Samsung Galaxy Note 2(cheap iphone 4 cases) . It is true that there are still few teams who have received (some almost by accident ) , but it is also true that the data packet should be falling for most of the users. Also for those living in Spain . For this reason , today we help you carry out this update. You can do this in two ways. The first option is the classic update through Kies software , for which you'll need a USB cable. The second is the one that allows you to install the data from the phone itself. In that case you just have to be connected to a WiFi network and follow the steps you indicated . Here we go !

OPTION 1 . Software update via Kies .
First step . Download and install the Kies program .

1) The Korean company Samsung makes available to its customers a software that will be very useful to synchronize content , but also to check the status and download new updates. If you do not have this program installed , you can access the official website of Samsung to get it. This process will take a few minutes .

2 ) Choose the version of Kies you need. As the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is a previous phone to Samsung Galaxy Note 3 will require that you click on the download Kies ( Kies instead of 3). At this point we remind you that Kies is available for Windows and Mac

3 ) The file will begin downloading . After a few seconds / minutes ( depending on your connection and computer ) you have to open the file and click on the Run button to begin the installation , before having accepted the terms of the license agreement .

4) Let the system run its course. At the end the system will ask you to install a quick launch icon on the desktop. We recommend this option if you are someone who wants to always hand Kies . You can also ask the system to the software starts at that moment . Click on the Finish button.


Second step . Connect the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 to your computer.

1) To connect your Samsung Galaxy Note 2 to your computer you need a USB cable. In the box you'll find one device , but can serve anyone who has the necessary entries .

2) Once connected , the device should be detected automatically and activate the Kies software . If it does not, double click the Kies icon that will be installed on the desktop. By connecting this device, a moving wheel that will indicate that the system is working to detect it. In a few seconds should include Connected legend .

3) Within the Basic Information area itself (located in the central display of the application ) get information on whether your Samsung Galaxy Note 2 has ( or not) an update waiting. The message should read is " The update is available " .

Step . Make a backup copy .

1) It is highly recommended to make a backup every time you update the device. Any failure could take to ruin all the information you store on it. With the Samsung Galaxy(cheap iPhone 5c Cases) Note 2 attached , go to the tab Backup / Restore .

2 ) Next, click on Select all items , unless you just want to back very specific information .

3 ) Select Backup and wait a few minutes. The process could still take a while, depending on the amount of information you have stored on your computer . Be patient and wait . When the system will indicate that the process has ended , click the Complete button .


Step Four . Upgrade your Samsung Galaxy Note 2 .

1) If the system has located the firmware update you need ( Android 4.3) , and you can start the process. Click on Download firmware . You can learn more about the features of the update if you click on View information about the update.

2) When the update has started, will appear before you a progress bar that will help you see how the process proceeds. Most likely have to wait between 30 and 45 minutes left . Be patient and do not disconnect the computer equipment at any time.

3) Once the update is complete , you will receive a message . Click on the OK button and disconnect your smartphone from your computer. Now the Samsung Galaxy(Samsung Galaxy S3 Cute Case) Note 2 will have to be restarted.

4 ) Wait for it to start again and verify that the changes have taken effect . You can verify that your smartphone has been updated Kies connecting again . Here should appear as updated firmware .


OPTION 2 . Update via OTA (Over The Air) or wireless .
First step . Make sure your Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is prepared .

1) The computer battery must be charged . Ideally, the maximum, but in principle it should be sufficient with 80 % of the total.

2 ) Connect to the Internet via a secure WiFi network . This will ensure stability in the download and save you a great peak data in the contract you have with your carrier . Bear in mind that the data packets are heavy.

3 ) Make a backup of all the files and settings you need to save. Above you precise instructions on how to do it .

Second step . Find the upgrade.

1) Chances are that before performing the update have received a notification in the form of pop -up telling you that you have a data package available , ready to be installed on your Samsung Galaxy Note 2 .

2) If you have not received a single email, you have the possibility to access the Updates section to make sure that Android 4.3 is ready to be installed. Accesses menu Applications> Settings> About device. The option is at the bottom ( scroll below to locate the button) .

3 ) Click on Software Update.

Step . Upgrade the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 to Android 4.3.

1) Now the device will connect directly to the servers of Samsung to begin receiving the corresponding ration of Android. The process could take several minutes , so we recommend you have patience and wait .

2) The update will start in a few moments . Follow the instructions from Samsung and respects the process until it reaches its end. It is possible to lengthen a while and finally the device has to be restarted.

3) When the device is opened again, all built into this update changes should be present in your Samsung Galaxy Note 2 . Enjoy.

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