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November 12 2013 3 12 /11 /November /2013 10:18


The mobile market is the highest level since virtually incomprehensible without the presence of a squire of a team that come to represent the spirit of the flagship of a particular firm , but with a technical something lighter and, above all , with a size to do mini surname supporter , even when it may quedarle a little big. In this line moves the HTC One Mini , the device uses the inertia of his older brother rescuing the same design to focus on other audiences .

Indeed , this HTC One Mini is not forward the same user as the HTC One For starters, the price is important . The great little Taiwanese team can be had for about 420 euros in free format, while the HTC One(3D Daisy iPhone 5 case) costs 600 euros. For now , operators have started to market it , so that the expenditure of such a sum is the only way to be with him. The benefits go hand to the price difference , determining the nature of your medium to high end of this HTC One Mini. Let's see what impressions does cause after using it for a few days.


For starters, the feeling conveyed in hand is definitely one of the achievements made ​​in the transfer that has been purported to HTC HTC One Mini One . The design is , adapted , practically the same , solid , comfortable and compact, the HTC One Mini has a slightly more elongated format the reference terminal of the catalog of this supplier , defined primarily by a screen of 4.3 inches with a resolution 720p with approving the solvency test .

It reaches equal to HTC One excellent experience in this section , but does not deserve any criticism, given the strategy intended to cover this HTC One Mini(Eiffel Tower iPhone 5 Case). It also carries the latest HTC Sense layer for Android , which integrates very interesting section of feeds. This is neither more nor less than an onscreen option to have news and updates from our contacts in social networks , as well as links to news headlines and all content that most interest us .

Maybe not as smooth as one would like in the transitions between screens, and this despite ( and perhaps because of ) the presence of a dual core processor ( the 400 to 1.4 GHz Snapdragon ) . In any case, it is this subjective lack of fluency is particularly alarming in the HTC One Mini , and only if we keep too many apps running in the background of the situation can be something to consider .


The configuration and customization options are very good and complete, something which is always cheering on HTC phones . From the first time we can perform a full import data from another computer via Bluetooth , and if for whatever reason we postpone this task, from the settings menu can resume the process when you want . On the other hand , the Sense layer allows us to install icons, folders and floating windows (widgets ) in the main layer , a classic Android devices .

The multimedia experience also responds to solvency . To start talking about this, turn the camera to review four ultrapíxeles . What the ultrapíxeles is neither more nor less than a technology that uses larger photoreceptors , so choose better manage light instead of resulting in especially large images . And what kind of results you get ? Pretty good .

Captured photos are not too noisy , and the contours of the objects observed well defined , without excessive blur , the color treatment is reasonably good too . It's not a camera to rave about, especially compared to other units on the market , but the answer will satisfy your target audience. In video mode allows up to 1080p footage , and together with the photographic function can perform content smart albums by Zoe function . It's a really interesting utility , both to store captured content to add editing and enhancement resources results.


One of the few criticisms where you can make HTC phones(fashion phone cases) - at least those of higher rank is the fund - compatible media files . The HTC One Mini meets virtually any need in this regard , and in fact when listening to music , either with Beats headphones or stereo output using its built into the front of the device , enjoy one of the best experiences in this sense that we can found in the current landscape of smartphones : HTC One Mini put the butt of volume and bass boost is activated foolhardy , thundering at a high level and, most interesting , without loss of quality patent - provided file of origin has sufficient sharpness and level of little or no compression .

When using the device in your choices centered online experience , few complaints in this regard could be made. The HTC One Mini is well connected , and options Wi - Fi, 3G and 4G work with correction grateful . Those who have become accustomed to the use of NFC for files transferred between terminals will note the absence of proximity sensor communication . The use of web resources is quite good: the integrated online browser without too much latency response , and utilities that require controlled ascent and descent data present a behavior that falls within expectations. In this sense, when we check on any device that something is wrong when using web functions , the experience is evident , but not the case of the HTC One Mini , so that discretion becomes a value in this terminal.


Finally , and before recap, we have to talk of autonomy. The manufacturer claims it can hold more than thirteen hours talk time, delaying their ability until almost 700 hours on standby . The truth is that the HTC One Mini we can endure more than you would a team last generation, but if we give a moderate use - some calls , regular consultation with social networking and email accounts, some browsing online and maybe a few minutes of games or other applications , and not we get rid of the daily ritual of putting the phone to charge the nightstand. Or maybe even before .


In short, the HTC One Mini is a phone that has many advantages though - its design, multimedia options , the great interface that is installed on Android 4.2 , also suffers from a number of problems. For starters, its price. Overcoming the barrier of 400 euros is placed in a no man's land something disturbing : too expensive for a mid-range and not as solvent as to compete with teams like the Samsung Galaxy S4 or Nokia Lumia 925 , already moving in that range price . Moreover, even though the screen size (4.3 inch ) is less than the HTC One ( 4.7 inches ) , can not reproduce the same feeling of sharpness and quality thereof. Normal , secondly , the difference in density is more than evident . That is , in fact, one of the great strengths of high-end lost in the transposition representing HTC One Mini.

In any case, as broadly speaking , the HTC One Mini is an interesting and highly recommended terminal if we want to have a strong team with that size and robust design , but the price will not be particularly seductive finish . Its construction is impeccable, and the graphic environment through which we move is comfortable to use and intuitive, yet more agility in the transitions between screens or managing the transition from application to application would have been welcomed.

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