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March 12 2014 4 12 /03 /March /2014 10:17

The release of iOS 7 was not a breakthrough for iPhone 4 owners . Despite significant aesthetic changes and new features of the system , these changes did not worsen the user experience with marked slowdowns . Apple has been aware for the past months and rewards him with iOS 7.1, a version as seen in the following video is an important optimization for smartphone.

The evolution of the hardware of smartphones allows you to run more demanding versions of software from the point of view of performance. If we take this change to iOS , we see how the update GUI proposal in July approaching iOS users a more attractive layer with effects and transparencies. However, this remodeling affected the performance of the iPhone 4. The components of this smartphone with about four years old, worked to the limit to run the new version . In fact, this is one of the reasons that manufacturers often leave the software development teams " hearth " .


A list of improvements that most happy

But Apple , which stands above the rest at maximizing their device updates , surprised us yesterday with the release of iOS 7.1. After the first hour from the availability of OTA users began to see, regardless of the new features included , the iPhone 4(ballet iphone 4 cases) worked more smoothly .

Faster, more enjoyable user experience

The first videos and evidence corroborates this fact that , otherwise , the same Apple notified the change log of the latest version of iOS . And so, after installing the update, the fourth-generation iPhone " moves " the colorful and translucent interface with more verve. Although transitions have accelerated graphics and effects , it is seen that the Cupertino have designed a number of hours to code optimization hardware iPhone 4 . This is shown in one of the videos of Ars Technica , where they compare the fluidity of screen transitions and deployment control center as a reference to change.


They have also shown how the system has accelerated the implementation of the most common applications and features such as the Safari browser, camera , calendar, mail, settings section or the phone dialer itself. The test involves the measurement of time it takes the system to perform the same functions under iOS 6.1.3 , iOS 7.1 versions 7 and iOS . The result can not be more blunt . While each and every one of the applications running on iOS 6.1.3 long before the arrival of iOS 7.1 a reduction of reaction times compared to those recorded under iOS 7 brands . Still are superior to measurements of the older version , but we must not forget the animations, effects and active transparency in iOS 7.1.

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