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March 5 2014 4 05 /03 /March /2014 08:46
  • The iPhone 5s tops the list of the most desired smartphone market.
  • the 39% of consumers would buy an iPhone 5s before any other, although missing bit to get the iPhone 6 .
  • Apple is still primarily a world leader in the smartphone market.


The demand for iPhone 5s has not stopped growing and already has six months being the most desired smartphone market

Gene Munster , director and senior research analyst at Piper Jaffray , said that iPhone 5s(iphone 5s cases) demand is very strong , despite bearing six months on the market and is increasingly approaching the rumored iPhone 6 .

The analyst conducted a survey of over 1,000 consumers on what smartphone would be willing to buy in the next three months if you need to purchase one . The survey results placed the iPhone 5s as most desired by users, although in a few months is very likely that Apple will launch a new generation iPhone that may contain important improvements , such as increasing the size of the device screen.

39% of all consumers who plan to buy a smartphone in the next 3 months , would like this device was the iPhone 5s . However, only 6 % of respondents plan to purchase an iPhone has 5c soon. What could confirm the many rumors that the iPhone 5c has not been a very popular device on the market .

This is what Munster said after seeing the results :

" Of those consumers looking to buy a smartphone , 39 % expect to buy an iPhone 5s . We believe the good news of our survey is that , apparently , the iPhone 5s demand remains strong despite almost six months since its official launch ago. However, the iPhone 5c seems to be disappearing , as only 6% of consumers would buy the lower cost iPhone from Apple. "

On the other hand , T. Michael Walkley of Canaccord Genuity , says sales of iPhone 5s are increased over the months :

"In fact, our studies in phone shops , show that in February, the iPhone 5s remained the most requested and best selling device in the U.S., as in many other international markets. "

Thus , according to the guys at iPhoneinCanada , it seems clear that the iPhone 5s, despite having 6 months old , is still very popular among consumers, showing that Apple remains a benchmark in the technology market and further in smartphones.

You guys than you think ? Would you buy the iPhone 5s now or expect the iPhone 6 ?

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