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April 21 2014 2 21 /04 /April /2014 10:35

Comparisons are odious , but when there is talk of using and expectations to the surface , well worth going through the pain and highlight the good, the bad and the ugly .


Comparisons are odious , but when there is talk of using and expectations to the surface , well worth going through the pain and highlight the good, the bad and the ugly of each of these incredible smartphones that promise to change our lives and give us a never before experience vivida.O at least that's how it is perceived in advertising.

Who would not be excited when he saw the commercial for iPhone assistant Siri and its perfect , or does the unbelievable vivid colors of Samsung parts rack ? technology has led to soaring creativity and compelling levels, but also to disappointment and indebtedness of many. So do not let it dominate fashion and acquire the mobile device that best suits your own needs and taste and think through whether it warrants change phones(3d hello kitty iphone 4 case) .

I've gone through several mobile devices , out of curiosity , out of necessity, but mostly for the pleasure of discovering and want to surprise me with new benefits that technology brings .

Today it seems that we entered the war of titans that many were expecting , Apple vs Samsung , Android and IOS versus S5 Galaxy versus iPhone 5S . However, the most popular or mass devices are not necessarily the ones that meet the biggest and best features.

From my point of view , the war will not occur just between the U.S. and Korea, Taiwan is armed to the teeth and threatening his opponents with his new HTC One M8 so far has managed to seduce a number of technology experts with recent updates and new developments .

Although little is spoken of it in Colombia , the HTC One M8 is part of this select group of major figures as far as high-end phones are concerned. The cards are drawn and only hope to know the number of sales and found Reviews posted by users .

As far as I'm concerned , the Samsung Galaxy S5 fell short in showing significant changes in both technical characteristics and design. There is no justifiable reason for today who have a pass to the Galaxy S4 S5 actually never understood the great benefits for the user who changed the S3 to S4.

He stresses that it is resistant to dust and water, which has a faster processor and a 16 megapixel camera , and incorporates a heart rate monitor , I honestly do not think as a remarkable contribution to this release . People who play sports , jog or cardio practice , we know that the ideal is to have a specialized device constant monitoring and measurement not isolated as indeed does the S5 .

Something I did expect many users were clamoring to the South Korean company from its first delivery was to commit resources to put quality materials into their devices, like the HTC One aluminum or wooden deck of Moto X , looks like today or iPhone 5S . Samsung remains wedded to cover their phones instead of plastic and yes this device will increase its volume and size , reached a wider , heavier , thicker and higher " smartphone" .

Competition always benefits consumers , so that both Samsung and Apple tried to bet on the fingerprint reader . And this is just one aspect that makes them stand out from the competition. However, the fingerprint reader Galaxy S5 implies greater precision and complexity than the iPhone 5s only invited to touch the home key for authentication. Yet Samsung has in its favor the ability to authenticate Paypal payments through its fingerprint sensor , which does not allow your opponent . However, the iPhone 5S allows approve purchases from iTunes, the App Store and iBooks Store.

Focusing on the innovations of the iPhone 5S arguably has not strayed far from the traditional design of Apple, has the same aluminum housing , the same weight and proportions than their predecessors , the screen remains intact with the same LCD IPS Retina 4 inch . But so yes it has been praised for its A7 processor is the first mobile processor that uses 64-bit architecture . We're talking about the architecture of a desktop computer , on a smartphone .

Personally what stands out most is his strong 5S front panel, FaceTime HD , easy to handle size and grip, and A7 processor.

But if this war U.S. combat strongly Korea, Taiwan might change history. The HTC One M8 demand exceeds supply HTC in Taiwan. Striking developments presents the new M8 , first by their appearance , who we were accustomed to using plastic cutlery phones , it comes with a metal body , giving it a more elegant look , the HTC One incorporates two M8 rear cameras , one with a larger lens ( Ultrapixel ) taking photos and the other takes care to give a perception of depth , allowing you to make interesting photographic tricks so far does not have any manufacturer . He had the great success of having excellent high voices boomsound technology, presents a marked improvement in your battery with its predecessor , has a slot to expand memory storage and has Android operating system(best samsung galaxy s4 case).

In resuen , compared to its previous version, we could say that has some important changes that lovers of the Taiwanese company will receive with deep satisfaction. Sadly , while in Europe , Asia and North America and enjoy it and others will enjoy this before the end of April, in Colombia there is not the slightest chance or signal that we can enjoy and purchase in the country.

The big question is Which of these devices invertirle worth the million-plus dollars that promises change our lives ? Or we partner to the group that " better still waiting for it to arrive next."

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