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October 31 2013 5 31 /10 /October /2013 08:46

The German Institute for Quality and Finance puts HTC One at the top of the smartphone market. Here are Samsung Galaxy S4 , Sony Xperia Z and Apple iPhone 5S(Fashion iPhone 5s Cases) .


The battery life . The Internet department . Multimedia capabilities . The practicality . Target applications . Are the factors taken into consideration by ITQF ( German Institute for Quality and Finance ) to evaluate the quality of the market for smart phones in 2013. Some 120 specimens came under the magnifying glass experts ITQF . There is , among these , Nexus 5 , produced by LG Electronics for Google.

HTC One is to impose on competing smartphones(Fashion HTC One M7 Cases) . It is the top model of HTC Corporation to occupy first place in the ranking compiled by the German Quality and Finance . With a total score of 96.1 out of 100.

In second place, with 95.7/100 , there is Samsung Galaxy S4 , while the third step of the podium is up to Sony Xperia Z , with a score of 95.5/100 . Medal of cardboard iPhone 5S . The new top of the range smartphone Apple signed , in fact, is in fourth place with a score of 95 /100. To find iPhone 5C, the model of the iPhone by next-generation plastic shell declined in many colors, you have to go down to the tenth position. The overall score for a dowry iPhone 5C is equal to 92 /100.

HTC One got a score of 93/ 100 for the battery of 99/100 for the Internet, 91/100 for Multimedia , of 100/100 for convenience of 96/100 for applications. A score of 96/100 for the app has also been achieved by Samsung Galaxy S4 and Sony Xperia Z(cheap iphone 4 cases). The reason is obvious : all three smartphones are equipped with Android and the virtual store is a reference for all Google Play .

The other subscores of Samsung Galaxy S4: 99/100 for the battery ; 100/100 for the Internet; 92/100 for Multimedia; 93/100 for convenience . And those of Sony Xperia Z: 96/100 for the battery, 99/100 for the Internet; 92/100 for Multimedia; 95/100 for convenience .
iPhone 5S instead has obtained the following score : 90/100 for the battery, 99/100 for the Internet; 90/100 for Multimedia; 98/100 for convenience ; 100/100 for applications. The latter score confirms that the App Store is still higher , especially for the quality, competition.

In the TOP 25 ITQF developed by Nokia offer no shortage of examples . In particular , there are Nokia Lumia 925 ( 13th ) , Nokia Lumia 820 ( 18th) , Nokia Lumia 720 ( 19th ) . It affects the absence of Nokia Lumia 920 . Missing, but perhaps because they sifted through , even Nokia Lumia 1020 . In short , remember, the Finnish manufacturer Nokia Lumia launch in 1520 .

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