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January 20 2014 2 20 /01 /January /2014 08:34

2014 will be an important year in the smartphone sector , with the launch of many new models that promise a leap forward in innovation with the introduction of new facilities or the expansion of those already seen and appreciated on the devices already on the market .

Obviously, the greatest attention from fans is focused on the two companies at the moment, and waiting for the giants in the Chinese express their full potential , they control over 50% of this market. We are obviously talking about Apple and Samsung, which this year will unveil their new top of the range , ie the iPhone 6 and the Galaxy S5.

The rain of rumors that accompanies the months prior to the launch of the devices in the home of the bitten apple and the South Korean company sometimes makes it difficult to have an accurate perception of the characteristics of the devices today so let's try to put a little ' order flow of rumor, trying to summarize clearly everything that is known at present .



This is not a happy period for Apple : while maintaining its leadership position , the Cupertino company is struggling with a difficult entry into the Chinese market, which at the moment seems not to appreciate a lot of the charm of the bitten apple . And the controversies of the past few months about the iPhone 5c(iphone 5c cases), considered by many a product from the excessive cost for its actual quality, have left their mark.

2014 will therefore be the year of redemption for Apple in its pre-Christmas letter to employees CEO Tim Cook spoke of " major projects that customers will love " for the year just started . It is not difficult to imagine that he was referring (also) even the iPhone 6 , since during the launch of the iPhone with China Mobile in Beijing spoke of the " great things" coming for the new device, but did not provide more information .

DIMENSIONS AND MATERIALS - The iPhone 6 could make a real difference from the previous Melafonino from the point of view of dimensions : it seems that the device will have a very small thickness , just 6 mm . A " weight loss diet " remarkable considering the 12.3 mm of the iPhone 3G and 3GS, but also 7.6 of 5 and 5S .

New in view also as regards the materials : for the Apple iPhone 6 , in place of the now traditional anodized aluminum , could in fact use the Liquidmetal , lighter : it is a metal alloy that has very high qualities in terms of load breaking and corrosion resistance . The device should then be more shock-resistant than previous models : Apple has purchased the exclusive and perpetual license to use Liquidmetal in 2010.


DISPLAY - Based on the information available at the time , it seems likely that Cupertino introduces a turning point for the iPhone as far as the display , conforming to the trend of a market that focuses on devices with screens larger and larger. 2014, according to Display Search , you should see the launch of two different devices. The first should be equipped with a display of 4.7 " , a resolution of 1600 x 900 and a density of 386 ppi. Instead The second should be the first phablet Apple, with a screen of 5.5 " , a resolution of 1920 x 1080 and a density of 401 ppi.

Also according to Display Search iPhone 6 should have an LCD screen type LTPS ( low temperature polysilicon ) , which is the same technology used to display the current top of the range , the iPhone 5s , which has a screen of 4 " , a resolution of 1136 x 640 and a density of 326 ppi. Below this point of view , seems to be coming up quite a leap forward.

However, it is very difficult, despite the fact that many of the concepts that point in that direction, that the next iPhone is equipped with a curved screen : it is true that Apple has filed a patent in 2013 to create a flexible display with sapphire crystal, but it seems unlikely, however, that Cupertino wants to try this technology on its own most popular device .


CPU - It is a tradition to bring progress to the processor Apple iPhone with every new model. The A8 chip that we will see the iPhone 6, accompanied by a new PowerVR GPU , will therefore certainly outperforms dell'A7 seen on the 5s , which has done much appreciate beating the competition in all benchmarks .

CAMERA - The next most likely the iPhone will focus on a 8 MP camera , just like the iPhone 5s , but with an optical image stabilization (OIS) to a high level. Some rumors even speak of a 3D 13 MP rear camera , but it seems unlikely that you could see something like this already from the iPhone 6: probably discuss this issue again in the future. the front camera should instead be 3.2 MP .

OTHER - A new interesting feature of the iPhone 6(cheap iphone 5 case) , as unveiled by Apple Insider, will be a function on the Siri voice assistant , as reported in a brevettopresentato in March in the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office , called "Voice -Based Image Tagging and Searching " .

The new iPhone will be able to make a speech tagging of images and video , for example , as reported by Apple Insider, if you say " This is me at the beach " , Siri will insert the tag relative to the person and the place represented in the photo . The device will also be able to perform the automatic tagging of people and places , failing to recognize the one and the other , the user can then also search from the various photo simply using voice commands .

The battery should be from 1,930 mAh battery, and the iPhone 6 could be the first Apple product to support wireless charging . Some rumors also point to the introduction of NFC (Near -Field commuication ) , but there are still few comparisons in order to provide confirmation.


RELEASE - In recent weeks, many rumors pointing to a launch of the iPhone 6 pretty close in the second quarter of 2014 , and probably in May or June . Considering all available evidence , it seems unlikely. However, there are more opportunities to launch in September, about a year after 5s .

We must also consider that Apple will in many cases tends to be almost obsessive and repetitive for the launch of its products : the last four iPhone (4S , 5, and 5c 5s) were all launched between September and October , and it is therefore reasonable to expect that is also the case for the iPhone 6 .

Also, in favor of a fall launch , lays another clue: the new fingerprint reader , which will be provided by Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company ( TSMC ) , will enter the stage of mass production before the second quarter of 2014 , out of time maximum for a release of the device in May.

PRICE - From the point of view of prices does not seem encouraging news : the iPhone 5s had many arching eyebrows for its high cost ( respectively 729 , 839 and 949 Euros respectively for versions 16, 32 and 64 GB) , and unlikely that the iPhone 6 will be cheaper. Indeed, there seem to be all the clues to a slight touch up.



And now we come to the Samsung Galaxy S5 , a device that should make many significant improvements in many aspects than its "big brother" S4 . Just the partial failure of the previous device , which has made many investors to lose confidence , has pushed the South Korean company to focus on creating a device able to regain market share important .

"When we moved from S3 to S4 - said Lee Young Hee , executive vice president of the Mobile - is partially true that consumers have not felt any difference between the two products from an aesthetic perspective , so the reaction is not commercial was enormous. use the S5 , will return to the basics. mostly , it is primarily the screen and the feel of the cover . "

MATERIALS - Just like Apple with the iPhone, the 2014 will be a year of change from the point of view of materials for the Korean company , at least in part. It appears that Samsung will launch two versions of the Galaxy S5(samsung galaxy note 3 cases) : in a more traditional plastic , and the second metal , probably aluminum , such speculations have suggested outset .


It is a move similar to the one made last year by Apple with the launch of the iPhone 5s (aluminum) and iPhone 5c (plastic). But in the case of Samsung seems that the body will instead be the only real differentiation between the two models , with the internal hardware that will instead be almost completely identical .

DISPLAY - It has been much talk of a curved display for the Samsung Galaxy S5 , but those who hoped the introduction of this new technology is still immature for mass production , will be disappointed : as far as the top of the range we'll talk about perhaps in 2015. The Galaxy S5 will instead have a Super AMOLED screen 2K (2560 x 1440) with sizes ranging from 5 to 5.25 inches.

CPU - The processor rumor about the new South Korean smartphone have been inconsistent in recent weeks: on the one hand pointing on a 6 octa -core Exynos SoC , and the other on a Qualcomm Snapdragon 805 quad -core processor. Based on the latest information available, it is possible that Samsung takes into account the new generation of Qualcomm SoC variant polycarbonate while the Exynos 6 and its 64-bit architecture , the more marketable in terms of marketing , could be exploited for the "premium" version of metal.

Among other things , it seems that the Exynos has on his side the fact of being extremely efficient from the point of view of energy consumption, despite the eight cores, thus allowing the device to have greater autonomy . There would therefore be surprised if Samsung eventually decide to install it on both versions of the S5 .


BATTERY - The newest member of the Galaxy family could come with a 2900 mAh battery . Moreover, according to some rumors spread by PhoneArena , the new flagship of the South Korean home will use a new technology that will provide 20 % more capacity of the battery itself will occupy the same space though .

This means more space for other components but with a more powerful battery in performance , or a device more compact than in the past . One of the most interesting from this point of view should be that of fast charging , which allow you to fully charge your smartphone in just two hours .

SCANNER IRIS - A feature that has done much talk among the fans emerged more recently is that of a futuristic eye reader to unlock the device , for which already has a patent, based on the scan of the iris ' user. During the CES 2014 Samsung executives have admitted some half-heartedly that the South Korean company has been working on this technology , it would be a very strong response to the fingerprint reader of the iPhone, but it is not yet certain whether there will be chance to see this scanner on board the Galaxy S5.

IMPROVED FUNCTIONALITY - The Galaxy Note 3 and S4 have become very appreciate for features Air and Air Gesture View, which allows users to use the device simply by using gestures. The system allows these two features was developed by Synaptics that, according to reports gathered by ETNews , will provide an improved version of Samsung Electronics for installation on its new devices. In this way the Galaxy S5 allow a use of the capabilities and Air Air View Gesture at a distance from the screen greater than it is currently the case with the S4

LAUNCH - With regard to the date of arrival , the clues point to a presentation by March. It seems to preclude an announcement at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona , scheduled for February 24 to 27 , Samsung should instead opt for an exclusive event in London.

In the months following the launch of the S5 just as you did with the Galaxy S4 family of devices , the company revealed two new editions : Galaxy Mini S5 and S5 Galaxy Zoom. There are not many details, but it is easy to assume that the first will have a small screen (this is called a diagonal of 4.8 inches) and a chip of the previous generation ( 5 Exynos and Snapdragon 800 , for example) while the second will focus sulcomparto photo by acquiring optical zoom.

PRICE - If the forecasts of the costs for the iPhone 6 are not good, those for the Samsung Galaxy S5 are not much better. There are still no official confirmation on this, but it seems that the prices will be around 650 € for the variant polycarbonate and 800 euro for that metal .

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