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December 20 2013 6 20 /12 /December /2013 09:46
  • The iPhone 6 from Apple and Samsung Galaxy S5 be the star products in 2014
  • Numerous rumors about the features of both have already given us clues as to how will
  • The Samsung mobile would be unveiled at MWC and smartphone Apple in the third quarter


The 2013 rushes its last days and finally arrives in 2014 , a year that promises to bring important news and releases . No doubt the most awaited landing of next year is the iPhone 6 and the Samsung Galaxy S5(cell phone cases) .

It has been a year in which rumors and information leaks about the iPhone 6 and will the Galaxy S5 Samsunga have not stopped surprising us almost every day.

Apple and Samsung 's most gigantic cake spread with their phones. Every time you take one of their flagships , the market suffers a revolution resulting in a fever around the world to seize the latest smartphone companies .

But the same will happen with the next Galaxy S5 and iPhone 6 ? , What can we expect? .

iPhone 6

Will mark a before and after in the iPhone universe , as the incessant rumors about the next generation of Apple's mobile revolution that promise a break with the current concept of the iPhone.


From the most talked about is the screen size of the next iPhone 6(best iphone 5c cases). Market demands and current trends currently opt for the large touchscreens .

Without going into the phablet concept , Apple is planning to substantially increase the size of the iPhone screen 6.

The data that have emerged in recent months talking about a hypothetical screen between 4.7 and 6 inches. The iPhone 5S features a 4-inch screen , so the change would be noticeable.


In October 2013 we told you the first rumors that a screen of 4.8 inches on the iPhone 6. Soon after, discovered by a Chinese supplier document DisplaySearch predicted a screen between 4.7 and 5.7 inches , which would require modifying the iOS operating system incompatibilities arise .

A month later, the gossip had deformed so much that I even talked about curved screens on the iPhone 6. Bloomberg claimed that Apple is working on two models of curved iPhone 6 screens , one 4.7 and one 5.5-inch . Something that incorporate other smartphones in the market as the LG G Flex or Samsung Galaxy Round.


A week ago new benefits and features iPhone 6 overhead . Apparently , Apple would be willing to incorporate a face detector to lock and unlock both the terminal and different apps. This 3D vision sensor for reproduction in this format would join , which would be completely innovative .

Finally , at least for now , it came to the fore a rumor ensuring that the apple company have decided to make your screen sapphire, super scratch resistant shock material ending finally with the fear of the Apple user to possible breaking the screen of your iPhone.


No doubt these leaks are aimed at setting up a brand new iPhone 6 , with larger screen and more resilient . So far no release date is known, but what is certain is that keep coming new hypotheses about its configuration.

Samsung Galaxy S5

Time without having digested the successful launch of the Samsung Galaxy S4, Samsung fans are already anxious to know what will be the Samsung Galaxy S5 .

As with the iPhone 6 Apple , rumors about the future Galaxy S5 have not ceased , and he new functions and features that will differentiate further , the other high-end smartphones in the market expected .


It has been said all. It has considered the possibility of a new and improved processor, a camera with higher resolution and quality, as a possible new features eye sensor , which improve performance and handling to a new body made of a stronger material such as carbon fiber or aluminum.

It was early July when the current started rumors about the future Samsung Galaxy S5 . Then it was said that the Korean company would bet on a new stronger structure , rather than on the much criticized plastic accompanying the Galaxy range so far.


While these rumors came to light details that would shape a Samsung Galaxy S5 in 5G connection and Super AMOLED Plus screen.

Of course , since then it has rained and as is evident, we continued playing with future benefits and features will be the first Samsung sword in 2014.

A few days after news broke of a possible more powerful processor and a camera with higher resolution. More specifically a 16-core processor and a camera 16 ultrapíxeles a tecnonología already incorporates eg HTC One Max .

But certainly one of the most promising benefits was discovered in October with the hypothetical addition of a fingerprint sensor , which would not be as innovative as other iPhone 5S or HTC One Max and take him .


Creating a wireless charging system that would get rid of cable when charging the Galaxy S5 toyed at once.

But the last thing we noticed was the Samsung Galaxy S5 rumor of another type of sensor , this time ocular, facial sensor reminding the iPhone 6. As well as incorporating a high-resolution screen , more specifically one of 2,560 x 1,440 QDH suggested .

All indications are that Samsung will release the Galaxy S5 in the World Mobile Congress in 2014 with what we're about to meet .

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