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October 29 2014 4 29 /10 /October /2014 08:34


  • The iPhone 6 Plus is having a great response from everyone.
  • The operator T-Mobile has announced that the high demand for this model has been unexpected .
  • Initially, it was expected to sell more units of iPhone 6 , the 4.7-inch model.


According to the CEO of T-Mobile, the iPhone 6 Plus is generating a demand not expected

The new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus are two great devices before launch and Apple already had high expectations placed on them. However, what is certainly not expected that the larger model out to have much better reception than 4.7 inches. Now the CEO of T-Mobile, one of the major carriers in the US, has announced that the iPhone 6 Plus(cheap iphone cases) is generating demand hitherto never seen in his company.

John Legere, CEO of T-Mobile, said that demand is generating the new Apple iPhone 6 Plus is really amazing. The fourth largest telephone operator in the United States has announced that the iPhone 6 Plus has come to represent 55% of sales of the company at some point in time.


In an interview in the Code / Mobile conference, told Legere Re / Code that both models of iPhone 6 are actually selling very well, but surely the model with 5.5-inch screen has far exceeded expectations initial T-Mobile.

T-Mobile expected to sell more units than iPhone 6 iPhone 6 Plus

John Legere said in this interview that originally from the operator expected to sell more units of the iPhone 6, the new smartphone with 4.7-inch screen launched by Apple, which would be between 75 and 80% of total sales new iPhone.


However, to their surprise, they found that users were more interested in the iPhone 6 Plus, which as noted above has come to represent 55% of sales operator. On the other hand, the CEO of T-Mobile has also ensured that the global demand for both iPhone models has been enormous in the operator.

Tim Cook also highlights the huge demand for the iPhone 6 Plus

Meanwhile, Tim Cook also spoke about the demand for the iPhone 6 Plus during the presentation of the financial data presented in the fourth quarter last week. Apple CEO said that the iPhone 6 Plus is having a great demand from users, so much so that at this rate the supply can not catch up until 2015.


In AppleInsider claim that production of iPhone 6 Plus(iPhone 6 Plus Cases) is recovering slowly, so catching up with demand. And if you recall, Apple initially expected to sell more iPhone 6 iPhone 6 Plus and so spent a greater percentage of production to the first model, but has now made ​​some changes to produce more units of the iPhone 6 Plus.

Finally, John Legere is aware that the iPhone is a very important to the success of T-Mobile as an operator device as it involves a lot of sales, which translates into higher profits. Moreover, T-Mobile recently announced quarterly results, which have shown the best performance in its history with 1.4 million net postpaid, to which must be added service revenues of 5.7 million dollars.

And you, you thought that the iPhone 6 Plus would be more successful than the iPhone 6?

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