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November 22 2013 6 22 /11 /November /2013 02:45


They are two of the most anticipated phones next year 2014 . And though neither Samsung nor Apple have not wanted to officially confirm , by now we have a major bulk of rumors that we detail the likely characteristics of the Samsung Galaxy S5 and iPhone 6(eiffel tower iphone 4 case) will be presented in a few months . Can they compete head ? Let's look at what could be its characteristics ...


If Apple continues to exploit the current design line from their iPhone , it is likely that the firm decides to incorporate some improvements. However, judging from their latest releases , it is possible that persists in Cupertino will add more colors to their devices. Currently there are no rumors that may indicate what kind of materials are used or which have specific dimensions . Samsung , meanwhile , could leave behind plastic era has brought him much criticism . Various sources suggest that the company could be making all-metal casing , although the most continuistas agree that the new Samsung Galaxy S5 could be sheltered by a faux leather coat very similar to what we saw in the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 . Anyway, expect a major shift in the trend of design ...


The screen is one of the central elements of any smartphone. According to many of the rumors , the new iPhone 6 come equipped with a slightly larger screen than usual. This would be a 4.8-inch panel with a resolution FullHD 1920 x 1080 pixels. The more technical experts are of the opinion that Apple will not reach the expected resolution of 2272 x 1280 pixels on the next iPhone. There will be the same with the Samsung Galaxy S5(Eiffel Tower iPhone 5 Case) . The successful adoption of large screens on their computers will make the next flagship of the Korean count with an extensive display of 5.25 inches and a pixel density estimated at 560 dpi (dots per inch). The resulting WQHD resolution would be 2560 x 1440 pixels, which would position this device well above Apple 's proposal .


Processor and operating system

According to rumors , Apple plans to integrate a 64 -bit in its next iPhone 6, which would be capable of operating up to two times faster than its predecessor. His name has not been leaked yet , but everything seems to be designated A7X or A8 . In this chip would have to add a higher RAM , but to date we have not received accurate information about this detail . Something similar would happen in the case of Samsung . As is customary with each new release , the Korean reinforce the heart of their flagship with a 64 -bit . This would be a 14-nanometer chip Exynos 6, capable of operating in multitasking mode . The reports so far have been filtered betting on a more remarkable increase of processing speed , but also by a large RAM that could reach 4GB. As for the operating system , most likely the Samsung Galaxy S5(galaxy s3 3d case) comes standard equipped with Android 4.4 KitKat . We'll see if Apple will integrate in the new edition device iOS star 8 .


No major changes are expected in the camera section for the iPhone 6 . Rumors tell us that Apple could keep the rear camera currently found in the iPhone 5S : An eight-megapixel iSight sensor backlit ( BSI ) . Apparently , the Cupertino company is not in favor of adding megapixels without improving system functions . Thus, it is likely we will see some additional features in the camera. Other rumors say that the iPhone 6 will have a 13 megapixel camera . The controversy is served .

For its part , Samsung recently confirmed the existence of a 16 megapixel camera with ISOCELL technology . Currently , the firm is working with a camera eight megapixel ISOCELL could end integrated in the next Galaxy S5 . New sensors ( unlike traditional backlit sensors ) would be capable of providing optimal color reproduction , more sensitive to light and perform correctly, even in low light scenes .



No major changes are expected in the memory section . Both companies would be available to its customers the three classic variants Memory : 16 GB, 32 GB and 64 GB. It is possible, however, that both Apple and Samsung decide to present a more solvent device , equipped with a large internal memory of 128 GB. The latter also offer the user the possibility to expand with microSD cards up to 64 GB.

other technologies

Apple and its iPhone 5S added fingerprint sensor , so it is very likely that the iPhone 6 repeat functionality and incorporate some improvements / interesting news in this section. A few months ago , some rumors betting on the same technology integrated in the Samsung Galaxy S5(iphone pocket case) , but now we have more information . The latest leaks suggest that the new smartphone Samsung star can have an eye scanner much more advanced and accurate than fingerprint sensor Apple . Technology would be a much more elaborate than the iPhone 5S , useful to unlock the device with the maximum guarantee of safety.



There are no specific dates for the presentation of these teams . We know for sure that both will be announced in 2014 . However, and since Apple introduced the iPhone 5S in September 2013 , it is likely that the deployment of the next iPhone in June occurs between September and October 2014 to maintain sales of iPhone 5S at the top for as long possible.

Anyway, Samsung is a bit more complex , as some rumors have stated that the company plans to move the launch of its flagship mobile . Major reports point to an early release in January 2014 , although it would make sense that , following normal cycles , the presentation takes place between March and April next year.

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