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September 3 2014 4 03 /09 /September /2014 09:55


  • On September 9, Apple will hold a keynote in which he is expected to be presented the new iPhone 6.
  • On this day we review all the news we could see during the big event to be held at the Flint Center.


Introducing the iPhone 6: all we need to know the event

We are a few days that the big Apple event to be held on September 9 at the Flint Center is held. In is expected that Tim Cook introduced the new iPhone 6(cheap iphone cases) and may your smartwatch expected, might be called iWatch. The event also occurs at a time when the increase of market share of Android seems unstoppable, wearables and smartwatches finally seem ready for consumers in general, and Apple investors are concerned about the drop in sales of iPad .

As in recent years, we have seen a lot of before the big event of Apple rumors. So on this day we do a review of what we might get to see over the next keynote of the company.


Two models of larger iPhone

We have talked a lot about this and most rumors, leaks and forecasts suggest that Apple is preparing an iPhone 6 in two different versions. On the one hand, we have an iPhone 6 with a 4.7 inch screen (remember that the current iPhone 5S features a 4-inch screen) and the other would have a larger model with a 5.5-inch screen. This latest model to come to compete in the market for phablet.

We do not know if we will actually see these two models, although some leaks have shown that could really be.

You could check the "iWatch"

Some media suggest that the new Apple wearable could be presented during the event which will take place on September 9. It is also possible that the device "iWatch" nickname he received from the media, no call as reported in Financial Times.


Given how little we know about the wearable Apple (and it is a health-focused device), you may still have not finished your design.

Sapphire screens tougher

Given the manufacturing plant that Apple recently opened in Arizona, it is clear that the company is preparing to deploy this material in a big way. Apple already uses sapphire, which is harder and more scratch resistant than the Gorilla Glass on the cover of the iPhone's camera and 5S for the front of your ID Touch panel.

There have been some rumors about Apple plans on using the sapphire in its next iPhone, but the most recent suggest that Apple could use this material in all models of the iPhone 6 5.5 inches and only in the most expensive model of iPhone 6 to 4.7 inches.


Already there has been talk that the sapphire is expensive and difficult to manufacture, so that would give Apple as sufficient grounds for use only in some models of its smartphone.

We saw a video on youtube where we could see supposedly sapphire screen iPhone 6 And you have to admit it is quite stronger than Gorilla Glass.

Rounder iPhone design

Apple has been refining over recent years the design of the iPhone 4, but with the iPhone 6(cheap iphone 5s cases) can get a pretty significant change. A series of leaks point to a thinner, round design in the new iPhone 6.

That should make it easier to hold in your hand for longer periods of time, something that will certainly be appreciated if you increase its size.


NFC and wireless charging

Looks like Apple is finally ready to start using near field communications (NFC) for the iPhone, as some sources have already reported.

This technology is being using by other smartphones for some years and allows things like payments and secure wireless data transfer, among other things. But the lack, so far, of options for this type of mobile payments has made that he was not of the expected utility.

But as reports from VentureBeat, if Apple gets it to implement, it will certainly big.


So far, this is what is known and believed that Apple could eventually present during the event on Sept. 9. As we always say, it's all rumors and leaks officially unconfirmed by Apple, so we'll have to wait and see what finally is true or not.

Do you think Apple is keeping something that no one knows to this event?

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