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September 22 2014 2 22 /09 /September /2014 10:22


Many fans sell your old smartphone to buy one of the last generation that arrives Friday in Italian stores. And on the site Buydifferent, you buy them, the number of iPhone 5s withdrawn has increased fivefold compared to the average of the last 2 months


The wait for the arrival of the iPhone 6(cheap iphone 5s cases) in Italian stores is almost at an end. In Italy the iPhone 6 and the 6Plus arrive on September 26 and on the internet is becoming more frantic race to sell the old model and the new cushion spending. On the pages of Subito.it, for example, have been published in 10 thousand new ads for the sale of iPhone 5 and 5s, with an increase of 100% compared to the previous week. Of these, over 2,000 have been published in the two days leading up to the launch. It does not change the view on eBay Classifieds. Here, where at the moment there are 44 thousand listings of second hand smartphones (of which 26% related to Apple products and Android 38%) after the presentation of the iPhone 6 staff has recorded an increase of 6% ​​from a week with the other 1900 offerings created by people who claim to want to sell your phone to be able to upgrade to the new model. Also in this case most of the phones on sale are iPhone 5, sold at an average 400 euro each. 

Perhaps because of an offer so wide, however, not everyone can put their smartphones with a simple ad online, and it is to meet people in a hurry to dispose of the site of e-commerce has given rise to BuyDifferent a service dedicated to the collection and evaluation of their Apple products used. 

On the site of BuyDifferent, in "iPhone and iPad used" users can assess their smartphone or tablet by choosing from the available models and specifying the storage capacity, the level of wear and the presence or absence of the original packaging. Established the value of the product, the user can decide whether to proceed with the withdrawal of the phone, which comes at the expense of BuyDifferent if everything runs smoothly and the condition of the product correspond to those declared, the payment is made within seven days by bank transfer . 

"All of the iPhone and iPad are withdrawn subject to a thirty tests in the laboratory, are adjusted as necessary and then sold on our website with a formula used guaranteed for twelve months of purchase," explains Alessandro Palmisano, one of the founders of BuyDifferent. "Every product that we resell on the site is flanked by a board custom made, where are the details on the characteristics of the device and any cosmetic defects present, with photographs taken specially by us for each individual product," to make sure that customers know exactly what they are buying. 

"Sales by users are continuously increasing from the launch of the service in the fall of 2014," says Alexander. A cross-sell is a consumer but, according to a survey carried out by the same company, "nearly two-thirds responded that the intent is to liquidate the" old "phone to switch to the new iPhone 6." Among them are the young people who want to keep up with new products to the companies that sell the old phones in packages of fifty or a hundred units to renew the facilities for their employees. "Now that we approach the release of the new model the number of iPhone 5s collected increased by 500% compared to the average of the 2 previous months, while for the iPhone 5, we recorded an increase of over 700%," according to a fact that that state customers BuyDifferent is linked to the hope that, compared to its predecessor, the new iPhone is able to solve significant problems of battery life, unanimously judged too poor. 

Despite the figures are much lower, then continues to BuyDifferent also buy some of the old Apple products, "the percentage of withdrawals is stuck at 2.5% for the iPhone 3Gs and 5% for the iPad 1, but still to have a market in used them. "If the old iPhone, in fact, is purchased "as smartphone(cute phone cases)" mule ", which is useful for sending and receiving email, or to use WhatsApp ', which can not do the previous model, in the case of the eldest son of the family iPad" buyers are kind mothers with children under the age of 10 that uses the Apple tablet with rugged cases as a learning tool and fun for the little ones. An iPad 1 Wi-Fi without 3G connection is available for purchase today at a cost of about 90 Euros and is still a valuable tool for this type of use. "

With all due respect of the newer models and expensive, so the old glories of the Apple will continue to keep their share of the market, without forcing those who buy them to file and exhausting nights spent in front of shuttered shops. Or at least it will be so until the newcomers do not suddenly become obsolete themselves.

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