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February 20 2014 5 20 /02 /February /2014 10:06

Days and from which you can almost count on the fingers of one hand , what is left is for the Samsung Galaxy S5 presentation to be held on next Monday. We know nothing official about the new terminal , but they start to get new details , and now come in bulk. Specifically , data are related to the camera , the shutter and the different modes of the same .

The camera will take the Samsung Galaxy S5(best samsung galaxy s3 case) is more or less known. It seems that carry a 16 megapixel sensor and will also have the ability to record 4K Ultra HD at 30 frames per second , decreasing to 1080p to reach 60 frames per second. However, we know little about the camera . Is expected to be out ISOCELL new technology that Samsung was working , but for now we have no confirmation of this. However, we have many more data than talk about the camera that will take the new Samsung Galaxy S5 .


As we said , we do not know much about the hardware of the camera, but we do know something extra , and that is new, we can add to what we already knew . Has nothing to do with camera technology , but rather with the shutter . As you know , we have gone through different periods in the era of mobile phones that have made us go through terminals with a lot of physical buttons that were used then and other smartphones that had virtually no physical buttons. The latter led to a problem that capturing photos was not easy , having to click on the screen , which made ​​it much harder to keep the mobile stable, and facilitating the move when I pulsábamos on the screen. Well, the new Samsung Galaxy S5 would have a "Touch Side" button. It is an invisible physical button , a physical button that does not exist , so to speak . This is a sensor on the right side , which would detect when we have down and capture the photograph. This button is notable for two things . On the one hand , facilitates the taking picture , because there is a button dedicated solely to that function. On the other hand , having no pressure to do not either destabilize the terminal , and got a picture that leaves no move. Moreover, we will serve the button to activate the camera even . However, there are limitations . It can be used for video, nor in the Easy Mode, which we will discuss later, or when we have the phone in vertical arrangement , because then we would be turning on the camera almost always we had the phone in hand . Besides this, we also know that the camera could reduce its value to 2.4 megapixels, and will allow you to choose between different ISO levels , from 100 to 800, to control the light sensitivity of the sensor.



However, as has become common , as many new camera comes with software , since Samsung usually includes a lot of developed themselves to what already brings with Android applications. Let's move to list and explain the different shooting modes that will with the new Samsung Galaxy S5(cheap iphone 4s cases):

  • 3D Tour Shot: Allows you to create interactive tours of our environment. It is like museums can see 3D, but can recreate a room either.
  • Sports: Takes clear pictures of subjects that are in motion.
  • Select Focus: We select a target image to this stand out from the rest of the catch automatically modifying the depth of field.
  • Dual Camera: Captures photos or video from the front camera and back at the same time.
  • Aqua: How to take pictures underwater.
  • Animated Picture: Creates a picture with elements that are in motion. We do not know what it will be this way, but it seems that you can select the objects that move.
  • 3D Panorama: A basic way to create a three-dimensional image of a landscape.
  • Sound & Shot: not only captures the sound, but also a few seconds of ambient audio.
  • Drama: We can capture multiple photos of a moving subject for the system to combine them all into a single image "dramatic".
  • Golf: For those who have money and play golf. It allows us to capture photos of a golf swing, then you play them forwards or backwards.
  • Self-portrait: Mode set to take a picture ourselves using the main camera.
  • HDR: No explanation required. A high dynamic range. It combines multiple shots at different exposures into a single photograph with colors and perfect lighting. At least that's the theory.
  • Auto: This in itself requires explanation.
  • Draft: Capture multiple pictures with moving subjects so that later they can be removed and left in a noticeably sharper picture.
  • Night: Mode created for situations in low light conditions, to enhance photos while the flash is not used.
  • Best Face: Capture five consecutive photographs and select where you put best face. For some photogenic.
  • Best Photo: The same, but is also useful if you're handsome. Capture multiple takes, choose the best.
  • Continuous shooting: With this way we can capture several photographs continued to guardarlas all.
  • Panorama: Can perform correlative pictures, horizontally or vertically, which later combined to create a single shot impossible.

Some modes have leaked more , but have not been described : Mosaic, Smile , Marco , Vintage , Drawing, Add me (probably for social networks ) , Action Shot , Stop Motion , and Pets. Grayscale, Sepia, Negative, Emboss , Outline, Watercolor , monochrome , sketch , Washed Out, Posterize , Solarize , Vintage , Vintage Cold, Warm Vintage , Blue, Green, Red / : Furthermore, a number of effects are also included Amarillo, Nostagia , Faded Color , Retro , Sunset , Old Photo , Drawing, Pastel, Moody Engraved Vignette, rugged , Dye Turquoise Fish Eye, Note Noir , and Vincent . And more , it can download additional effects to your photos .

It seems that Samsung has taken serious about adding features to your camera and make it a true mobile for optimal shooting. We must wait to see action in all these functions and whether it is really as much as it seems .

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