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November 2 2013 7 02 /11 /November /2013 09:23


Phones curved screen , fingerprint recognition , more powerful processors, smart watches and other wereables ... These seem to be the odds of the major manufacturers of devices for the foreseeable future . But meanwhile futuristic approach , a different approach , in a way craft scene has come to hand of the almighty Google .

Ara Project is a plan to create a customizable modular mobile has launched Motorola . Google acquired the company in 2012 , with the idea to dive into the hardware sector and create " the next generation of mobile devices." Following the launch of Moto X , Ara Project is a new approach for the development of this new generation .

The Ara Project's objective is to manufacture based mobile coordinating pieces , interchangeable and replaceable to consumer tastes . A sort of do it yourself of smartphones(Fashion Samsung Galaxy S3 Cases). Some compare it to a construction of Lego , others have already dubbed Frankenphone .

A modular mobile ' do it yourself '

The reason for constructing a component- moving is twofold. On one side, left to the user the choice of how to be your phone and what you can do, assuming not everyone uses the same way your mobile : some need more memory , others will want a more powerful camera or an extra battery ... This could reduce the price of smartphones, to leave out components that the user does not intend to use . In addition , each manufacturer will decide what is more convincing , one more respectful of the environment , or is in your area, or work with concrete materials ... The possibilities may be very large .


For another, it extends the life of smartphones as it will be possible to change the pieces that will become old or unusable without buying a new phone , just as you can do and with computers. This again would be a source of savings for the user, and would generate less electronic waste.

"We want to do for the hardware as well as Android(cheap iphone 5s cases) has done for the software: create a vibrant ecosystem for third parties , removing barriers to entry , accelerate the pace of innovation and substantially shorten development times ."

To get it is launching a free and open platform that will soon be available to developers to create these integrated modules , Lego -style . For all we know for now , the terminal will have a base or endoskeleton in which the various components will be inserted . " A module can be anything from an application processor , a screen or an extra battery to a pulse oximeter or even something that has not been invented yet ."

Phonebloks , a public community to guide the process

On the way to build this new system development , Motorola has partnered with Phonebloks , an initiative which we have already spoken in Teknautas , and that was the first to propose and convince of the need for a mobile these features " worthy worth keeping " .

The community will Phonebloks form to help guide the process of innovation and development. While insisting that maintain their economic independence to Motorola ( and indeed any input is welcome ) , they want the proposals and discussions on the Ara Project carried out in their platform.

"Normally , the mobile manufacturers develop their products in secret and show when completed . Phonebloks is a fan of involving people from the beginning, sharing ideas and feedback and work together, " explains Dave Hakkens , the author of the idea. For that, they provide a bridge between the manufacturer and the end user to be modular phone(Fashion iphone 4 cases) .

Is there room for a mobile ' home '?

The combined benefits all parties . On one hand, Google brand has Phonebloks independent user community that can help take the temperature of its development step by step, as well as being , in principle, an initial guaranteed market . On the other , Phonebloks heard by a manufacturer is powerful enough to implement his idea. In addition , we must recognize that the design that Motorola has exposed far more attractive than the proposed (but not developed ) Phonebloks originally .

The Ara Project has just been introduced and has long journey ahead . For now , Motorola has announced that developers will soon send their request an invitation to start making your own modules , and the first development kit will be released this winter. But there are important questions to be resolved over time. Could this revolutionize the mobile market ? Is there room for a home terminal of this type , or style prefer Apple devices , simple , beautiful , all-inclusive ?

The road to a modular phone just started, but already has the backing of Google and the momentum of a very involved community . Promises to be the result , at least , interesting.

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