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March 20 2013 4 20 /03 /March /2013 10:29


The successor to the Google Nexus 7 Tablets(Novo Tablet PC) to unconfirmed reports that the switch chip suppliers. Instead of a Tegra from Nvidia, a Qualcomm SoC are used, because it was faster.

From the Taiwanese hardware industry wants Digitimes have learned that the next Google Nexus 7 installed another processor. With the previous device came a Nvidia Tegra 3 is used, the successor to a chip from Qualcomm are used.

The price is said to have not been the decisive factor, but the timely availability. According to the report should necessarily an integrated solution of processor, graphics, I / O and LTE modem can be selected. That could now deliver in large numbers but only Qualcomm(FreeLander Tablet PC), Nvidia's recently announced Tegra 4i with integrated LTE is too late for that are available.

A delivery date for the next Nexus 7 of the report also: In May 2013, the unit will be presented. The first model was announced in June 2012 and a month later came to market. If Google is the new version of its tablet - ICOO Tablet PC, said to have been sold over six million, wants to show as early as May, the serial production would already have begun.

The integration of wireless modems on the SoC brings to the mobile device manufacturers several advantages. Firstly, space is saved on the motherboard, which left with the same form factor leaves more room for the battery. The term may be extended for such designs as part of the signal processing can be shifted from the modem to the processor cores. These functional units would otherwise be duplicated. In addition, the power saving features of nuclei and modem can be centrally managed.

As a manufacturer for the next Nexus 7 calls Digitimes Asus, who also designed the first model for Google.

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