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June 17 2014 3 17 /06 /June /2014 10:18
  • Publish a photo that looks a supposed iPhone 6 next to a Galaxy S5.
  • Apparently the difference in size between the two devices is not very big.


iPhone 6 4.7 inches versus 5.1 inches Galaxy S5

Gradually is approaching the date of the submission of the next iPhone that should see the light in September. All rumors suggest it will have a larger screen and many of the models and prototypes we've seen have a size of about 4.7 inches. Today we bring you a picture that shows how it will look like the iPhone 6 vs. a Galaxy S5(best case for iphone 4).

Slowly we have been seeing models, prototypes, models, leaked images and real models to assumptions shown by Asian actors a 6 iPhone iPod Touch a similar but more slender appearance and with a 4.7 inch screen. Besides this we are also hearing a lot the possibility of a 5.5-inch iPhone display.


When shown these two models, Apple could regain many users who have switched to Android by the size of their screens. Actually, I have not done any market research, but many of my friends do not want the iPhone because "is very small," so these two new sizes can motivate again.

Bevels the minimum for usability business as usual


There are still a few months to learn how to truly be the new iPhone 6(cheap iphone 5 case), but it is interesting to see how this model looks based on face to face with its competitors rumors. Not the first time we see him against a Galaxy S5, but it never hurts to see a model that has not yet gone public.

In this last image, we see a supposed iPhone 6 white with ID Touch the Home button and the Power button off and on the side with minimal bezels on the sides and top that would also be reduced so that, despite increase by almost an inch its screen, its size will not turn against the functionality of a hand.


It is logical that Apple follow this formula, since they themselves have argued for years that extreme theory that a big screen could not be used with one hand and if you have to use both hands, it is no longer comfortable. So we sold the 4-inch iPhone 5 and I'm almost certain that we will sell well next iPhone.

Little more can reel off a model which, as you remember fellow GSMArena, will surely have a larger screen with a resolution of 960 × 1704 pixels and a pixel density per inch of 416, with an improved 8 Megapixel camera and new A8 processor. From my point of view, and we can only ask for more RAM.

How about the iPhone 6 demonstrate these concepts be like? Would you like to see something?

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