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July 26 2013 6 26 /07 /July /2013 10:21


It is summer, new smartphones are already on the horizon, and the Samsung Galaxy Note(Cover Case for Samsung Galaxy S4) is one of the top three smartphones that monitors. The phone has already-been (kind of) "confirmed" by Samsung and if all goes well, the Note 3 will be announced at IFA 2013, which will be held from 6 to 11 September with press events begin at 4 -5 September, so expect that the new rating appears on this point. Samsung launched the first note and Note 2 to the same room, and when you look at previous launches, we can expect that the Note 3 is available on the U.S. market in late October. It is likely that released first in Korea, Germany and other European countries.

Specifications Galaxy Note 3

Note that these specifications are not official and just a supposed source of the industry, and a flood of leaks that have proved useful. Anyway, take this with caution until all is unveiled at IFA.

Note 3: Operating System: Android 4.3

The Galaxy Note 3 will most likely be Android 4.3. This version of the OS has largely fled and has appeared on previous hardware as the Samsung Galaxy Galaxy S3 and S4(samsung galaxy ace Cases). The Galaxy Note 2 will have probably also according to some reports. We may learn July 24, when we will see the Google press event in San Francisco.

Current leaks do not suggest a large number of changes from Android 4.2.2. According to those who have handled the touch responsiveness has been improved, and Bluetooth 4.0 made its official way to Android, which is a good thing for communications with headphones that are energy efficient, but also devices phones as watches ... Moreover, it is a feature of Wi-Fi permanent location would be great for apps based on location, as it would provide to the OS a "rough" location while using less energy than the GPS, GPS coordinates and speed.

What about Android 5.0 (aka Key Lime Pie)? There are many rumors suggesting that the Galaxy Note 3 turn out Android 5.0, but for now, it seems very unlikely because it should be launched "in the fall." It is less than two months of the announcement of Note 3, and Samsung engineers need to work on a stable OS and drivers. This is not the time for fundamental changes last minute.

Processor (s) Note 3

You may have heard rumors that the Galaxy Note 3 include the Samsung Exynos May 8 Octa-core (Exynos 5420 with a faster GPU), the Snapdragon Snapdragon 600 and 800. Looking at the previous Galaxy Note, we know that they tend to use the same system on chip (SoC alias) that has the product range Galaxy S(Cables & Adapters), then it would be a good base to start. This means that the Exynos 5 Octa and Snapdragon 600 are the likely candidates, with a slight advantage for Samsung's own chip, because the Note 2 has a Exynos processor in all versions.

However, there is a chance that the Note 3 include a Snapdragon chip 800, as many competing smartphones, including the powerful Sony XPERIA Z Ultra 6.44 ", use the latest and best of Qualcomm. Hopefully Samsung will choose the Snapdragon 800 because LG has already announced that the 800 Snapdragon phones work on his next, along with a press event in August Unfortunately, no leakage of the benchmarks Note 3 does not show a score in Antutu benchmark that indicates a Snapdragon 800 has been used. Instead, we see a score of 27000, which corresponds more to the Exynos Octa 5.

RAM: Galaxy Note 3 should have 3GB of RAM. An increase in RAM would be justified by two factors are considered: 1 / the screen with a higher resolution means that more memory must be allocated for the various video buffers. 2 / A slight improvement in the multi-task performance. The latter is really important for Samsung, which promotes building of Android multitasking with the TouchWiz interface.

Variations: to adapt to many operators, markets and networks, Samsung will produce the Galaxy Note 3 in many variants (or SKUs for Stock Keeping Units). This is quite normal and the only way to achieve rapid global distribution. Each SKU have slight changes (modem, network, colors) or fundamental differences (CPU ...), but the overall experience should be very similar. At the moment, four variants were seen.

Screen Galaxy Note 3


The screen has been the subject of many rumors, and many of them confuse the Galaxy Mega 6.3 with the Galaxy Note 3. For now, it is almost certain that the Note 3 has an AMOLED screen, which excludes a diagonal of 6.3 ", cost and power requirements are too high. Some reported having seen information on a LCD variant Note 3, but it would be surprising, because the mix OLED and LCD in the same product would be a nightmare for communications.

This leaves us with rumors of 5.9 ", 5.99" and 5.7 ". The 5.7 "and 5.9" seem most plausible (in that order), as Samsung would be no radical change in a formula that has proven to work very well despite the initial skepticism of many observers. The fact is that many people like the "phablets" and now, almost all phone manufacturers have announced anything about this market.

1080p resolution is virtually certain. For now, the manufacturing cost of 1080p screens should have reached an acceptable level to be used on this phone, but do not forget that Samsung has also incorporated a sensitive Wacom pressure sensor for the S-Pen. It is an expense that the Galaxy S4 did not need, then it makes it a little more difficult in terms of profitability, but as Samsung Mobile made a lot of profits, I can not imagine that this will stop.


Unbreakable screen? Probably not: since Samsung showed its latest flexible screen Youm at CES, there is strong speculation that they will show in Note 3. The technology is very interesting, and the first benefit of a flexible screen is that it is highly resistant to shocks. Conventional LCDs require a layer of glass, which can break under stress, and that AMOLED screens are plastic, in reality, the glass is always used for the touch sensor and to protect the screen itself.

These days, glass smartphone is often made from artificial sapphire or other highly resistant glass such as Corning's Gorilla Glass (see official website), which makes it virtually scratch resistant and only the diamond or other hard mineral can easily be damaged. Remove this layer of solid glass could prevent the screen burst, but the threat of scratches may become more likely.

S-Pen: of course it would not be a Galaxy Note if there was not an S-Pen pressure sensitive. For now, there is no reliable or significant rumor that suggests a big change in this area. Frankly, the most important improvement is that we wanted a faster "ink" because higher reactivity immediately improve the user experience. In theory, the new hardware platform should help significantly.

APN Galaxy Note 3

Taking pictures is probably the second most important thing in the smartphone business after the "communication", then you can be sure that Samsung will take it seriously. The latest information on the web indicate that a 13 megapixel sensor will be used for the main camera and the Galaxy Note 3 Samsung now has the mythical ORB, an equivalent to the photosphere Android 4.2 camera function, an application of 360-degree panorama that allows users to capture a full spherical image. This is a great feature for a static environment, such as landscapes or apartments. Although Samsung has heard of ORM since February, the Note 3 could be the first Samsung phone to have. phones like the LG Optimus Pro G had a similar function from Mobile World Congress in February 2013.

And finally, the NPC Note 3 could have an optical image stabilization (OIS). The noise comes from the Korean newspaper ETNews, however, is not sure of the reliability of information. The main problem with a system of "optical" stabilization is that it usually needs a larger camera module, which has room to absorb shocks and involuntary movements. Since the Note 3 would a thickness of only 8mm, these two pieces of information are contradictory. Is it possible to have an OIS and an ultra-slim body? Maybe, but it's very, very difficult.

Galaxy Note 3 Industrial Design


Overall, it is expected that this smartphone will use the same design as the rest of the Galaxy family. Numerous leaks indicated the same thing, and you can just look at the pictures of the Galaxy and Galaxy S4 6.3 Mega to imagine that the Galaxy Note 3 would be somewhere between the two. Samsung will probably try to make thinner edges to slightly increase the size of the screen, while maintaining or improving a format that has been "proven."

Metal or plastic? Probably plastic

Rumored Samsung thought to consider a metal design for the Galaxy Note 3, and although we may think that the organization is considering all options, it is difficult to imagine that Samsung would separate the current design of the Galaxy. Beyond the simple logic "if it works, do not touch it," there are other forces at work:

1 / A metal case mean a higher weight. It's just physics, and unless Samsung starts using carbon or other exotic materials, the weight of a large screen may exceed what users want. This is clearly a "no."

2 / Polycarbonate is much more manageable when it comes to making millions and millions of devices. It takes less time because they use the molds and a relatively flexible material that is easier to cut very precise components in metal blocks.

3 / The polycarbonate allows a removable battery. Although it is not very important for everyone, it could be for clients who absolutely want to change the battery or opt for extended batteries.

Finally, the risk / reward of a metal housing seems too high, and as the current design metal / polycarbonate is selling like hotcakes, there is no reason to bet on a new exotic design to please a specific group. Otherwise, Samsung could launch a new Galaxy M "metal edition" before turning her into a star product design experience.


It is expected that the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is a good update on the current Note 2. At least one feature parity with the Galaxy S4 provide a better screen, new software and an increase in performance that would be appreciated. This is even more important in the Note 3, for "ink" virtual S-Pen give an impression much more "natural". Of course, although it is believed that the information above is close to the real thing, it has not yet seen the final specs of the Galaxy Note 3.

Mass production starting in August for a September launch and gradual availability around the world in the next 30-45 days after launch. Regarding the price, it will be a high end phone, so expect it to cost a & ow around $ -800 $ 700 in the U.S. market this is about the same price as the Note 2 when it is out. No surprise icic.

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