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September 12 2014 6 12 /09 /September /2014 10:01


Samsung Galaxy Note 4 has been presented and finally know all of the new phablet Korean. The prices leaked speak of a retail price of 799 euro. Definitely a list price high but in line with the next gen of top of the range. We have repeatedly pointed out, citanto studies Idealo that the top of the range Samsung are subject to a sharp fall in prices in a matter of a short time.

The Samsung Galaxy S5(samsung galaxy s4 cases) has passed, within a few weeks from the stores, from 699 to 599 until you get to the current 469 euro. A similar fate has hit One HTC LG M8 and G3. In short, the price of top of the range Android collapses, following a tradition by now fairly well known. It also notes 4 will follow this tradition again.


Idealo, a company specializing in this type of study, analyzed the stock price of the previous models of the Galaxy Note set to make a prediction on the downside in the coming months from its launch on the market. By analyzing the graph visible just above shows that for every new phablet Series Galaxy Note is an observable decline in the price always more pronounced at three months of marketing.

On the basis of the statistical data available to Idealo, then, the new Galaxy Note 4 could cost up to only 66% of the initial price within the first 90 days of arrival at the store.

Idealo calculated the decline in prices on ADES data generated on their European portals. The prognosis is based on the analysis of the prices of the previous models in the family of Samsung Note. The interesting element is that the price drop is incremental for each new model. The analysis sheds light on how the decline of price, recorded from the date of commencement of marketing, it becomes more and more marked for each new item of the series Galaxy Note.

While the price for the first three months of the Galaxy Note to launch on the market still hovered around 92% of the initial price, his successor could be purchased after the same length of time already 87% of the launch price. For Samsung Galaxy Note 3, the decline was even stronger: after the first quarter since the launch price was already reduced to 75% of the original one.

The analysis also shows a trend further. While the price of the first Samsung Galaxy Note launched in the market has been stable for a relatively long period, the later models Galaxy Note 2 and Note 3 already accounted for a remarkable decline from the third month from the start.

The same trend already highlighted by Idealo for the Samsung Galaxy S5(cheap phone cases); Idealo had in fact predicted a price decline of 25% after just three months since launch. The price decline recorded on the Galaxy S5 then confirmed that prediction; the price is in fact gone down to 1.4 compared to the initial (after only one month after the date predicted).

Based on the above analysis it is possible to predict that the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 will undergo a price reduction of about one third compared to the original one in just three months of coming on the market. A year after launch, the Galaxy Note 4 could be worth only half (56%) of its starting price.

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