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July 16 2013 3 16 /07 /July /2013 09:22

Although with the same hardware, the Samsung Galaxy S4 and S4(phone cases for samsung) Google Galaxy Edition differ in the software. Instead, over the last few weeks it has been shown that this difference affects areas such as performance, in favor of the model with TouchWiz. Now they wanted to check if the results are repeated as the autonomy of the teams concerned.

The Samsung Galaxy S4 Google Edition was enthusiastically received by a large number of users. The merged model the best hardware on the market with Google software, with what that means as far as updates are concerned. However, in the times when the two have met in test performance models and different tests to determine how they differ (in addition to the operating system) the original model has been hailed as the most complete.

We can determine that the measurement test of autonomy practiced by both smartphones GSMArena notes the slight advantage of the S4(cover case for samsung galaxy note 2) designed by Samsung. To carry out the test has been subjected to testing equipment to measure resistance battery with tasks such as phone calls, web browsing and video playback. These can be considered the most reliable to determine the times of smartphone use in day to day.

Talk times

In this first "round" l graph illustrates the situation. The 2,600 mAh battery, exact capacity in both models, pays up to five and a half hours in the TouchWiz Samsung Galaxy S4 with respect to the time-averaged model Google Edition. In the first case recorded a duration of 18 hours and three minutes on 3G phone conversations. The model with Android 4.3 without TouchWiz, the figure is sealed in just over 12 hours. The difference in this first assault side decays custom model from Samsung.


Web Browsing

The ultimate litmus test. In web browsing put in use the screen and wireless connectivity of the device. This time the results are not as bulky as in the first case. In fact, the difference in battery performance in the second test is rather anecdotal, with only 11 minutes apart. Yet again wins the battle Samsung Galaxy S4(Samsung Galaxy Screen protector) model with the interface of the manufacturer.


Video playback

At this point we measure the energy consumption of the screen and things like the processor and GPU. The results are parallel those recorded in the web browsing test, although there is a reversal of the situation. The Samsung Galaxy S4 this time is not imposed on Google Edition version, although the team's advantage with Android 4.3 is testimonial of just two minutes apart.



After analyzing the graphs, it is clear that the biggest difference in the performance of the battery is determined by the use of voice calls. And it is at this point that the Samsung Galaxy S4 has a greater advantage over the Samsung Galaxy S4 Google Edition. In other tests the results are rather similar, no highlights. Therefore, the average range of 69 hours the Samsung Galaxy S4 between the results obtained by Google Edition version in just six hours, maybe a little difference determining to opt for buying both versions. In any case the results are curious because you can see how the hardware optimization applied by Samsung TouchWiz your graphic layer in some respects exceeds the performance of the native version of Android.

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