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January 13 2014 2 13 /01 /January /2014 10:13


Samsung Galaxy S5 , one of the terminals of the most talked-about moment let the rumors and rumors about him to give space to the authoritative voice of Lee Young- hee, executive vice president of Samsung's mobile division , which gives a preview of the output period and of the features . The next flagship of the Korean company , which likes to call it your own top of the range , will debut in the European market at the turn of March and April, just as it did for the previous model , together with a renewed Galaxy Gear with Advanced Features and a less cumbersome.


Among the main novelties which characterize this new generation of Galaxy S, and on which the Korean company is working hard , there is the body design . Lee said during the interview colleagues to Bloomberg, that contrary to what happened with the evolutionary transition from S3 to S4 , where consumers have failed to perceive a big difference between the two products from the physical point of view , with the Galaxy S5 you will have a back to basics . Species with regard to the body and the display .

A phrase that alludes to a new design for the smartphone , which will almost certainly leave the assembly diagrams of the previous models to forge new ones with the unusual lines . A bet , we believe we at IBTimes necessary , as evidenced by the volume of sales of the Galaxy S4(best s4 case) , continue to fall , due to the lack of interest of the users, even though it is true that you do not change a winning team . Here's how colleagues have imagined ConceptPhones Galaxy S5 , based on the latest patents from Samsung.



The comment on the return to the essentials of aesthetics , which also includes the shell , split the load of those who believe that the Galaxy S5 will continue to be plastic and who, instead , believes in a change of course in favor of materials as the noble metal. Try giving some information is very difficult, but if you look at the facts , and especially the possibility that the metal offers a moldable material and therefore ideal to forge a new design, the answer is clear .

Catcher In addition, the Vietnamese supplier that deals with the metal case of the iPhone 5S , iPad mini and MacBook Air from Apple and HTC One would be contacted right from the Korean giant for the production of " metal casings " for 30 million unit . Numbers that are close to the flagship smartphone that Samsung is able to record , as has been shown with the Galaxy S4 , in the first months of sale. The remaining casings , however, would come from the Chinese company BYD and from that of Taiwan Ju Teng .

Thus, the interest towards the metal by Samsung 's , and to prove it, once again, is the research and development division of the company that is evaluating the possibility of covering the bodies of future terminals with a material " diamond metal surface treatment technology " .


The second novelty emerged from the statements of the manager is the interest in Samsung technology retinal scanner iris for which the Korean company is already in possession of a patent. According to information on the latter , the scanner , of which many people are fanatical , says Lee , will scan the iris to provide access to the smartphone(samsung galaxy note case) when it is blocked . How ? The proximity sensor , located just above the display , will receive the exact moment when an object approaches the camera and enable the detection of the iris.

But why this technology has been chosen and that , for example , carried out by Apple with the fingerprint reader ? Simple tools that allow iris scans are far more efficient and faster than those for the fingerprint reader , allowing , once integrated duty, utilizzarne for a variety of uses . As for the opening of media files you want to protect or payment in mobility of specific transactions.


The report , however, until now leaked on the technical characteristics argue that the smartphone will be equipped with a Samsung Exynos or Qualcomm Snapdragon processor . The benchmark recently emerged on GFXBench , which tested a device with model number SM- G900S , integrate a 2.5 GHz CPU and a display with a resolution of 2560 x 1440 with Android OS 4.4 KitKat .

As the Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 has an output of 2.3 GHz, it is believed that this is the new Snapdragon processor 805 , a next-generation SoC with a quad-core Krait CPU 450 2.5 GHz and an Adreno 420 graphics processor , Qualcomm unveiled at CES in Los Angeles is currently in progress.

The resolution of 2560 x 1440 pixels subjected to a benchmark for the SM- G900S corresponds to a display 5.25 " with a density of 560 ppi , a figure consistent with the intention of increasing the density of Samsung for its smartphones in 2014. specifically, then, being a report of three hundred , it is possible that Samsung's display panel choose an LCD LTPS ( low temperature polysilicon ) produced by Sharp instead of the usual AMOLED produced by Samsung itself.

The Asian giant , in fact, is experiencing a number of problems in the production of AMOLED 2K , especially on volumes of the production itself , destined to S5 and therefore potentially a number too high to meet future demand , we are talking about millions of pieces. LTPS screens , however, can safely handle 2K and generally have a life time and brightness levels than AMOLED . Among the other "problems" of AMOLED are numbered colors excessively " fired " and artificial , aspects that make this type of panel is not appreciated by all users.

Recently, then , Samsung has just acquired a 3 % stake in Sharp , an investment now will bear fruit . The news of the change of display technology is obviously to be taken with the tongs and it is still unknown if the upcoming Galaxy will use the S5 . The multimedia sector brag a rear camera with BSI sensor to 20 megapixels and Optical Image Stabilizer .



Surely , Galaxy S5 debut with the Android operating system in version 4.4 KitKat(iphone 4s cases) . However, according to the famous and prolific leakster evleaks , Samsung would be working on a new proprietary interface to implement its future on the top of the range and the new range of Pro tablet Galaxy Note and Galaxy Tab In the previous months , in fact, much has been said a revamped user interface for Samsung devices because the now dated TouchWiz begins to feel the passage of time .

The same evleaks has released a series of images of how it could be explained that the UI is all still " in testing " and there is no guarantee that matches the final design . Watching them is difficult to assess authenticity , may in fact be traced to an issue with a third-party icon pack . In any case , the final version could be drastically different , in fact we have to remember that Google currently requires Android 4.4 KitKat icons in the status bar of white, a rule that Samsung is following in his test firmware KitKat . The announcement of Samsung Galaxy S5 will most likely towards the end of February at the Mobile World Congress 2014 in Barcelona, ​​or at most a little later with an event apart .

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