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January 14 2014 3 14 /01 /January /2014 10:50

The new Samsung Galaxy S5 will, most likely , the name of the future smartphone flagship of the Korean company , and it will happen directly the actual Samsung Galaxy S4 . In the blogosphere in recent days , rumors have been circulating regarding the future display of the Galaxy S5. Indeed, it seems that Samsung has decided to abandon the AMOLED display LTPS LCD display for use . Let's see in detail the main reasons for this decision .


Farewell AMOLED LCD Display Return To

A few years ago, at the presentation of the Samsung Galaxy S2(samsung galaxy note 3 cases), many insiders had focused attention on the fact that the display is not based on LCD technology , but AMOLED . Samsung, with the Galaxy S2 , S3 and S4 , embarked on this path, but the latest rumors have revealed that the Korean manufacturer is encountering obstacles for the realization of productive 2K AMOLED display . The AMOLED technology , not surprisingly , in its history, has had huge delays than expected and , even today, Samsung has failed to remedy some of the major construction problems. While offering the most faithful blacks , AMOLED is still not able to overcome , at a qualitative level , the LTPS LCD display .

"Samsung is going to use an LTPS LCD display That is made ​​by Sharp for ITS S5 upcoming Galaxy smartphone. Most would've expected the South Korean giant to use Its Own AMOLED technology, but it looks like Samsung is having production problems with 2K AMOLED displays. "

For these reasons , Samsung will not be able to produce AMOLED display 2K for a worldwide launch and so the Korean manufacturer had decided to ask Sharp to supply LCD LTPS . Obviously the decision to Sharp as the main supplier is due to the fact that Samsung has invested in the Japanese company , which owns about 3% . The experts therefore believe that the Galaxy S5 integrate an LCD display, but future versions of the Galaxy Note and Galaxy 4 S6 revert to adopt AMOLED technology . What do you think ?

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