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December 18 2013 4 18 /12 /December /2013 09:38

Just when it seemed that the Koreans were still before the rise of Android consoles, come and surprise us by bringing to market control that both surprised us earlier this year at the launch of the Galaxy S4(best galaxy s4 case).


It is very difficult question to Android as a gaming platform taking into account the growing number of specific devices to exploit this facet of the Google operating system . With each passing day we see more and more manufacturers are encouraged to draw their own Android games consoles , while some others prefer to bet to keep the mobile format and add physical buttons.

Samsung is not indifferent to this market trend , far from falling asleep, have followed his philosophy of betting on all possible fronts . However, rather than launch a handheld or desktop with Android, they have decided to make the most of what you already have at home, and this is how early in the year , with the launch of Samsung Galaxy S4(cheap iphone 5 cases) also saw a curious accessory after that remained unknown for some time.

Now Koreans back to tell us that they had not forgotten or canceled one knob to its Galaxy handsets, but were perfecting it , and now finally made ​​its official release. The name of Samsung GamePad , people want to take Seoul some more money to gamers who already have a Samsung Galaxy home since the device generally supports Android 4.3 and screens of between 4 " and 6.3 " .


The remote is wireless, works via Bluetooth, and if you prefer to play on television, say Samsung can also use this mode by connecting your smartphone(cute iphone 4 cases) or tablet to your TV via HDMI or AllShare .

But knowing that not everything in life is the Hardware , Samsung wanted to squeeze more gamer potential of their gadgets with the creation of Mobile Console, an application that will mate the GamePad , which shall be to serve as a center and video game store . The truth is that this strategy promises .

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