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June 15 2013 7 15 /06 /June /2013 08:36

Thin, light, fast and water resistant, the tablet Sony has it all. Everything except the battery.


the promise

The Xperia Z is the third version of a 10-inch tablet(PIPO M8Pro) made by Sony. Party an original design with the Tablet S, revised and improved design for the second iteration, the Xperia Tablet S, Sony has mellowed with this new model, perfectly rectangular. The tablet has slimmed down, is made lighter, its screen and its components are improved, etc.. but it is on the side of autonomy - historical weakness of the brand in this segment - the Japanese automaker was expected to turn.


In the realm of 10-inch tablets, overwhelmingly dominated by Apple, it is difficult for manufacturers to differentiate each other. Abandoning the "open book" versions of the first two types design, Sony had to find a differentiating argument. This will be the resistance to water and dust. A promise kept since the tablet cash carefree way under the water in our sink.
However, this strength comes at a price, that of ergonomics. To protect electronic components, all ports and sockets are protected by removable covers, such as headphones or USB charging. That night a little design can make nice to have open / close taken at each charging or when you want to connect a headset for example. As for the life of the caches, it will obviously depend on the kindness of users.

Light and powerful

What surprises the first grip is the lightness of this tablet. With 484 grams on the scale, the Xperia Z 10 is the lightest tablet(Cube U25GT) in its class inches far. IPad 4 weighs 652 g, a Galaxy Note 10.1 shows 603 g on the scales and Asus Transformer Pad Infinity 602 g. With between 120 and 170 grams lighter, the Sony tablet is handled much more easily and much longer since much less tired, particularly when reading e-books.
Side of the screen and performance, Sony achieves a faultless. The Full HD screen is a feast for the eyes and the graphics chip runs perfectly kind of 3D games Need For Speed ​​Most Wanted. Moreover, any slowdown is to be deplored. The interface and execution of programs are fluid. The only technical fault lies in the positioning of the speakers, placed at the bottom left and right of the tablet in portrait mode. Once in hand (movie, game or playback mode), while the palms suffocate the already not a terrible sound. Fortunately the chip embedded audio is much more effective in headset mode.

Autonomy, always the same weakness

We hoped, Sony did not. Like its predecessors, the Xperia Tablet Z(ONDA V813) offers a range well below the rest of the competition. With 7:13 surfing, it takes 1 to 2 hours less than the rest of the competition. But it is in video mode it hurts the most, because with only 5:35 of autonomy, it proposes March to May h less (!) That models from Asus, Acer and Apple. Unacceptable.

Universal remote software house

Finally, note that Sony has developed specific applications for its devices such as the Walkman music player called or a shop certified online applications. Although not essential, these applications can be a plus. Especially one called "File Transfer" which allows you to copy files to and from the micro SD memory card. On top of the tablet befitting an infrared transmitter that can be used to control the TV.

the verdict

With such a thin and light tablet, Sony knew that the tablet could not offer an excellent battery. It is a choice, but it seems unfortunate and it forces us to withdraw its fifth star. Not because aside aesthetic considerations about sealing catch caches, it has no other defects. Its lightness, the quality of its components, its resistance to water and dust and performance make this an excellent Z Xperia Tablet tablet.

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