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The Samsung Galaxy S5 is the latest handset from the Korean brand to hit the market and its flagship, right now, at least in Spain. A 5-inch SuperAMOLED display, quad-core Snapdragon processor(best samsung galaxy s4 case) from 801 to 2.5 Ghz, 2 GB of RAM, 16/32 GB of storage, 16 MP camera, IP57 certified which makes it resistant to water and dust, fingerprint reader sensor and heart rate are just a few of their letters.

Apart from this, has the TouchWiz interface over Android 4.4.2 KitKat, which highlights interesting applications such as S or S Remote Health. However, beyond this, has hundreds of details and gimmicks, among which are the best then by PhoneArena which also can see in the video.

1 -. How to use one-handed

The Samsung Galaxy S5, given its generous dimensions due to its screen, offers for those with smaller hands or those who do not want to use one, the possibility of activating a way to use with one hand. To do this, go into Settings> Device> Use with one hand and turn it on.

2 -. Viewing all shortcuts notification center with a single gesture

When you open the notification center, sliding a finger from the top of the screen down, several areas are presented, one has a number of shortcuts, other alerts, etc.. But if we want to access the list of shortcuts, you just have to make the same gesture but with two fingers.

3 -. Activating the "Car Mode" with a gesture.

The Samsung Galaxy S5(galaxy note 3 cases) is a useful way to use in the car that simplifies the interface to improve usability and driving. You can access it from within Notification Center Carousel shortcuts, but using the above method, we can do it much faster.

4 -. Intelligent Alerts

We went into Settings> Controls> Gestures and Movement and the third position in the list have the intelligent alerts. If this will activate if the phone got the table and have lost or pending calls or messages, to vibrate notificarnoslos even if you activate the screen.

5 -. The "Toolkit" Galaxy S5

In Settings> Device, there is a "Toolbox" option that if we checked, a floating button If activated, it will appear at all times which will, if pressed, is to give us access to a range of up to 5 applications we have predefined to always have on hand.

6 -. "Private Mode"

The Samsung Galaxy S5 has a function that allows us to hide from prying eyes any content or item you have in the device. This slipped from the top with two fingers, as in section 2, and the button appears in the lower left corner to activate the private mode. We introduce the pattern we have predefined and security and privacy mode is enabled, where we can access only those files.

If you want to send something "private mode", ie remove it from public view, as it can be a photo album, just click and hold on it and us the option appears.

7 -. Mode "gloves"

Now that summer arrives is not very useful, but when winter will start it - or who, for example, moves in moto -. And it is possible to activate a mode in Galaxy S5(best iphone 5 cases) to use your screen with gloves. The option is in Settings> Device> Display and the option to "increase touch sensitivity" appears.

8 -. Remove the homescreen Magazine

If you slide your finger on the home screen from the left edge, the "Magazine", the new screen TouchWiz Korean terminal appears to us. In it we see news updates from our contacts in social networks, etc.. 
However, like everyone and if we remove it you just have to let down the menu key to bring up the multitasking, enter the option of "Screen Settings Guide" and in it we find the ability to disable Magazine.

9 -. Customizing the lock screen

By default, the lock screen shows clock and weather icons and different notifications such as missed calls and messages plus access to camera. Again, enter the Settings> Device path and go to the menu of the lock screen. There we go a good list of features such as changing the way unlock (pin, stroke, fingerprint, etc.). You can customize the size of the watch, the amount of information that shows meterológica, put a phrase on the cover, customize the effect to unlock and display information pedometer. Options that we can adjust to our liking what appears when the terminal is locked.

10 -. Multi window

And it is also possible to have the Galaxy S5, as we saw on the Galaxy Note 3 several open at once on the screen applications. The route, the usual, Settings> Device and Multi Window menu. We activated a half circle and we appear to izquiera screen. We can move along that side, leaving the finger down, but can not be removed from that side.

If you click on it, the multi-window interface where we use two applications split screen and switch between them will open documents and data.

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