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March 21 2013 5 21 /03 /March /2013 11:02


After the seniors phones now comes the first tablet(Novo Tablet PC) designed for women: Pink background and pre-installed "women-specific" apps - is the ePad Femme by Euro Star make women's hearts beat faster. But seriously - the manufacturer spins totally?

For the equivalent of about 130 Euro wife gets a cheap Android tablet with an 8-inch screen and plastic housing. The license has a gigabyte of RAM, 16 gigabytes of memory and a 1.5 GHz processor. But why call this data when creating women allegedly loud Euro Stars marketing director Mani Nair not even have to download apps? He told the U.S. news page "ABC News", "We facilitate the downloading of Android apps." Well sure the (women's) world has been waiting.

What Women Want

The Home screen is the stereotypical gender roles according colored pink by default. Apps such as shopping lists, recipes, and women's fitness programs are there from the start. Just stupid that women make far more on their tablet.

Recipes are all well and good, but a tablet(Cube Tablet PC) in the kitchen is, and remains hugely impractical - unless it's a tablet! If I was cooking or baking rumwischen with sticky fingers on the tablet screen, but I would have to wipe it constantly. Good for the technology is certainly not.

For shopping, I pull no 8-inch tablet(Ifive Tablet PC) out of my pocket to read what I have to put it in my car. Maybe if there is some point matching brackets to cart. And fitness apps? Of which one takes more than just from the weight-loss programs also preinstalled. So why?

"Women-specific" apps that relate only to the earlier roles speak, moreover, not only the female sex. It should well be men who can cook or a fitness app load on the tablet computer. As "women-specific" could still go through periods of highest one-calendar.

Make it pink and I buy it - not!

Why the fairer sex is actually still identified with the color pink? I hate pink. It reminds me of dolls. I look around me in the office, no woman has something to Pink. No wonder: Pink can be pretty bad to combine with other colors.

And especially when it comes to technology, but we women are the first ones to want something "proper". Of course it can look smart. But what counts is the inner values. A bad processor generally ensure jerk - and that sucks. On a low-resolution screen to see our mini-games, ebooks and videos from not nice. Moreover, the low pixel density solves most of headaches.

So far, the ePad Femme is only sold in the Middle East and parts of Asia. But Mani Nair says that in the future, will become available "all markets". Well, maybe would Daniela Katzenberger interest in a pink tablet, because the color so loves ...

"Women can be proud of their ePad"

That women are by the cheap tablet could possibly feel discriminated against, can not understand the manufacturer. The ePad is being created by a team of men and women and consider functions that female users want. "Women can be proud of their ePad Femme. We offer a high quality product. "Said Nair.

High quality, the tablet is certainly not due to its technical data. According to the IT-blog "ArsTechnica" so far only about 7000 pink tablets have been sold - most have been to a Valentine's Day gift. Whether the women in eastern countries was really pleased about that?

Dear men, please gives us not a cheap technology toys. We do not want that. Especially not if it's pink.

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