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September 25 2014 5 25 /09 /September /2014 11:26


ll test of DisplayMate crowns the new Melafonino as the best device among those equipped with LCD screen


If you want to know how does the phone of your dreams when the eye falls on the display, you only have two choices: buy it, or read one of the most detailed reviews of DisplayMate, probably the best site in the world for those who want to know the state of the art the screens of the latest generation devices.

The experts of the world have ventured this time on the review - pixel by pixel - the display of the new iPhone 6 and its twin 5.5-inch (iPhone 6 Plus). This resulted in a very thorough review of what we offer below a short excerpt.


Both the iPhone 6 that the iPhone 6 Plus(Cheap iPhone 6 Plus Cases) use what Apple calls Retina display, a term that denotes a matrix of pixels that exceed the level of detail visible to the human eye at a standard distance from the device. The display of the two models, however, have a different resolution: while the iPhone uses a 6 panel 1334x750 pixels (which spread over an area offering a 4.7-inch density of 326 ppi), the iPhone 6 Plus comes with 1920x1080 pixels resolution (401 ppi equivalent). The largest number of pixels of the "big iPhone" translate into an advantage, as hardly noticeable to the naked eye, it may be sensible in some circumstances, for example when it comes to play a video in full HD or when you make a zoom in on text and graphics.


One of the main problems of the screens of mobile devices is the loss of contrast and color in outdoor environments, or at least in very bright conditions. To overcome this problem, Apple engineers have worked to raise luminance, while lowering the reflectance. The first was brought to 550 cd / m 2, a value, precise DisplayMate, significantly higher than all smartphones HD LCD tested in 2013 and among the highest ever measured on a smartphone; the second instead falls to a record low of 4.6%. Overall, the report brightness / reflectance port the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus you get a level of contrast between the best in the market.


The new iPhone are promoted with honors even with regard to the range and sRGBe Rec.709, the two standards used on almost all consumer electronics devices (including HDTVs). DisplayMate measured a value of 99% accuracy for the iPhone 6 and 101% for the iPhone 6 Plus. Both models have an intensity more accurate on the range of 2.22 although showing a slight tendency to bluish in the so-called point white, with a color temperature of about 7.300K.

Quite satisfactory results even with regard to the so-called "absolute color", amounting to 2.6 JNCD for the iPhone 6 and 3.1 JNCD iPhone 6 Plus 3.1. With these values ​​- the authors explain - your smartphone will probably be more accurate than the TV that you have in your living room.

Angle of View

The iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus - they sentence experts DisplayMate - offer a viewing angle significantly better than the iPhone 5 or any other LCD tested so far. It should be emphasized, in this regard, the high contrast ratio and loss of brightness and color somewhat reduced when the phone is tilted with angle greater than 30 degrees.

Energy Efficiency

Compared to the OLED screens, generally more efficient when it comes to displaying mixed content, the liquid crystal displays have proved more parks when it comes to reproduce images and content with a prevalence of white (eg text screens). The LCD panels of the new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus(cool phone cases) no exception to the rule with the screen completely white, both models have an efficiency of 45% higher compared to the more modern smartphone "organic" (eg the Galaxy Note 4); vice versa, when you switch to more varied content (photos, video and film), the new Melafonino pay duty (at a rate of approximately 21%) compared to the competition OLEDs.


The new iPhone 6 in both the 4.7-inch version in which the 'Plus' 5.5-inch, provides a very accurate picture quality, with excellent contrast and true color (despite a tendency to turn white on blue. on the shields, in particular, the performance of the iPhone 6 Plus, a terminal that according to the staff of DisplayMate is by far the best smartphone of the LCD market, and the second device ever to be awarded a result of very good and Good on all categories of the test, except for the brightness variation in the test angle of vision. "iPhone 6 Plus has raised the bar a notch," conclude the authors of the review, noting the level of performance equal or greater than that of the best smartphones on the market in almost all categories of analysis, by the brilliance contrast in bright environments, the accuracy of the color viewing angle. Definitely positive feedback even on the iPhone 6, whose display is essentially identical in performance to that of his older brother, although the lower resolution will reduce the overall value.

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