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March 11 2014 3 11 /03 /March /2014 09:09


News and rumors about the next iPhone model Applelanzará market if they do not increase and accelerate. No doubt that it is the terminal of Cupertino that is generating much more expectations among and between users and those who are not . The main reason : the great change that is expected but what disappointed with Apple iPhone 6 continuity or , on the contrary , we will leave you all with your mouth open offering iPhone 6 fully renovated and revolutionary? What can we really expect from the new iPhone in June ?

The iPhone 6.

After learning that Apple is preparing a massive launch of the iPhone 6 rumor that is based on facts and that TSMC has already started mass production of the chip also incorporating A8 ( which gives you a time frame more than generous ) , or in hiring engineers Taiwanese company HTC and others in order to accelerate the production and supply of devices , interest and rumors about the imminent arrival of the iPhone in June but could accelerate. Also, Apple does not allow enough time so wide between its main competitor, the Samsung Galaxy S5(cute cheap iphone 4 cases) , and its new flagship product.

The main screen size change in iPhone 6

In general the main expectations are deposited in the size of the screen of the new iPhone 6. It is a " secret" that this increase will produce , even when the overall market trend and when demand is what a lot of users. What is not so obvious is how far it will reach this increased screen size .


The most consistent rumors point to a 4.7-inch iPhone 6 is most likely, but it lacks the buzz around the possibility that the Cupertino choose to add a new iPhone 6 Additional that , with a screen in around 5.7 inches, and would border the field of phablets and , in turn, would address two types of users differentiated by their tastes in screen size. At the same time , keep the iPhone 5S (perhaps renewed ) in response to those who do not want or need a larger phone .

Other probable and expected characteristics that would be making the iPhone 6 screen sapphire crystal, a material that would make it a lot tougher , and the possibility that this new terminal lacks bezels in order to increase the screen size and , in turn, increase the minimum possible size of the device itself .


iPhone 6: technical specifications.

Leaving on one side and the screen size , the next iPhone in June presented a display with a Full HD resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels compared to 2272 x 1280 pixel " iPhablet " ( the larger iPhone 6 ) , which this field and reach 2K "quad HD" .


The new iPhone 6 will incorporate A8 64-bit processor already being manufactured at TSMC for the occasion and come standard with the new mobile operating system from Apple, iOS 8 which would not present major cosmetic changes but new features and applications as Healthbook , so what would be fully linked to the final arrival of the iWatch . This also invites thinking about a joint submission that would certainly be a huge knock on effect : iPhone iOS 6 + 8 + iWatch .


As for capabilities , Apple will introduce models 16 GB, 32 GB, 64 GB and 128 GB , with 2 GB of RAM, rear camera 8 megapixel improved ( although it could also reach 13 megapixels) , other FaceTime front camera 3 , 2 megapixel camera and a 1800 mAh battery . , what it does not address the issue of the autonomy of the device, especially considering we're talking about larger screens and therefore greater energy consumption .

iPhone 6: other desirable characteristics .

Undoubtedly there are two essential aspects and so virtually nothing is said but which Apple should take note , once and for all .

On one side , the battery. The next iPhone 6 could no longer settle for a battery current , especially when the new features and functions require greater energy consumption . The Cupertino should address this issue and , if necessary , sacrifice some of the weight of future iPhone 6(cute iphone 5c cases) in favor of greater autonomy. I think no one we break a finger if the phone weighs little bit more , but it does not appreciate having to plug it in, at least until tonight.

Second, an essential aspect and in which competition takes you ahead of Apple : iPhone 6 should be waterproof for the simple reason that it is a device that by its own characteristics and quality required , and because yes, because an accident happens to anyone and that could not mean losing a device similar price or to have to put in those awful bags waterproof beach.


Know anything about the price , obviously , but hopefully at least 4.7 model " will be around € 699 Free today although a reduction , however slight , always appreciate and encourage consumption.

And you, what do you expect the next iPhone in June ?

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