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In 2011 Samsung surprised us all with a terminal that was different from everyone else. The large display of the canons fully protruded marking the market, but the Galaxy Note was a resounding success. Been a while and the second version not only continued that trend but that increased to 5 ? inches. Not only that, there is a fact that confirms the increasing demand for "phablets(THL w7 phablet)" is that the first generation of these terminals that launched Samsung, took 5 months to reach the 5 million units sold while the Galaxy Note 2 has achieved in just two months.

On the other hand we have the world of tablets, that since Steve Jobs famously said that it has rained a lot. The seven-inch tablets and are an important option, and Mini Nexus7 and Ipads sold wonderfully.

What differentiates a great smartphone a small tablet?

The term "phablet" normally is typically used for devices that walk between 5 "and 7" here could include both first-GalaxyNote or Dell Streak tablets like Amazon, Apple and Google, among other companies that dedicated to this. These terminals are large compared to other phones but still small to be called as tablets to use, it is therefore a question arises in determining where the boundary between the two.

One aspect clearer between the two types of devices is the phone number, since by definition still smartphone(THL w3+ mtk6577) is still considered by those devices with SIM card, while most have no form of tablets although some of call yes they have 3G connectivity. This point is one of the first differences between these two worlds closer and closer, and inequality continues to be a time when you install applications that require a number of its own, as it could be Whattsapp. Precisely manufactured applications for tablets are an item that we missed in large mobile like Galaxy Note, however Samsung is aware of this and try AirView features such that users of a phablet forget for a moment that they have installed Tablet versions on their mobiles.

ICS from Google showed he was prepared for this problem, unifying the markets and the overall design of your applications. Furthermore Apple continues with its policy of iPhone applications and separately for Ipad, although this can do and we doubt that Cupertino surprise us all with an intermediate model between the iPhone and the iPad mini. Although anything is possible, If they get the iphone mini, why not grow larger than normal?


Just what is the size difference to them?

Depending on the length of your fingers can a smartphone(JIAYU G2 plus) 4 'and is large enough, people will GalaxyNote them to fit on one hand, there are those who think that the 5 "are manageable, what is clear is that the convenience of subject decreases as the terminal screen grows. To fix this is normal for most tablets (including seven inches or more) are used in landscape mode with both hands and managed to hold them both as to type and navigate. And here we see another point, the access method or how to use it. How speak for skype users a phablet and as do a tablet?
We find it hard to imagine anyone using a tablet to draw, however it strikes us both take a giant smartphone to your ear acercárnoslo. Maybe it's the size of the device and the thickness of the frame and not the screen inch difference. At the end of the Galaxy Note 2 weighs only 183g compared to the 308g or 340g Mini Ipad from Nexus7, and that is far less of a shield is much smaller, because the use of everyday phablets of these devices the moment we fit in most pockets and no tablets.

What happens after a while?

What we know is that the end of time phablet enjoys fairly good health and does not seem that anyone can think of any term to replace it. The HTC J butterfly, the Optimus Vu and future Oppo Find Examples of the major manufacturers are betting on this model, but not only that, as always special except the Apple policy, all new appliances looming 2013 the door seems to close screens and integrated psychological toll of five inches and the new standard will have FULL HD quality in most of them, but not all. Although it seems clear that even the barrier of six inches shall be transferred, some devices like the Huawei Ascend Mate and have pierced and who also seem to dare to break this barrier is probably the third version of the Galaxy Note, which are not intended to that come to light until well into next year if we can anticipate that it will be a device closest to the six inches that at five. Does it start then the term phablet in the five or six inches?


How will the tablet market before the advance of the size of the screens of smartphones? Will they see their position threatened or will something like the larger tablets with ultrabooks intend to do? Will the Asus Padfone convertible as the solution? Dare nexus6 Google to present a Nexus5 addition?

We believe the solution will be determined by the use that people decide to do with their devices. And while phablets are related to mobility and note taking, tablets focus mainly on content consumption. Can you imagine a Galaxy Note as a remote control? Much better than a tablet not for such tasks. This software will logically have the last word, and there are as responsive design trends or new operating systems with features of both worlds, but perhaps not with applications depending on the size of the screen, but the use, position and how you want to use that application, that is what will allow the line that now separates smartphones tablets start to fade.

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