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April 16 2014 4 16 /04 /April /2014 10:06
  • According to analyst Peter Misek, Apple try to increase the price of the iPhone in Juneat $ 100.
  • The Cupertino could draw your terminal will be the star anime the smartphone market now and the end of the year.
  • Misek's vision is far from the preferences of users, thing Apple knows.


Apple is negotiating with carriers $ 100 rise in the price of the iPhone in June

According to Peter Misek , analyst at Jefferies , Apple is negotiating with mobile companies increased $ 100 in the price to sell the iPhone(galaxy s3 cases) in June that future customers to sign an agreement to remain.

Although until now the operators not look kindly on the idea, Misek believes that might change their minds , because the expected phone of Apple will be the only terminal that can encourage the market by year end.


Peter Misek referred to the current state of the smartphone market :

" At first the idea may seem farfetched seeing the trend of operators , with subsidized phones and discount due to market saturation and low differentiation. "

He continued defending his argument:

"But we believe that this lack of differentiation could be the reason that Apple would be able to achieve an increase in price. Operators know that the iPhone 6 will be probably the only major high-end phone for this year and fear losing customers if they do not offer it . "

All these thoughts Analyst contradict the idea that California had the company in 2013 on consumer preferences for smartphones. A few days ago , in the trial against Samsung Apple maintains , came to light some internal reports, in which, inter alia, the Cupertino not lose sight of the desire of users to have cheaper terminals.

This strategy could backfire for Apple , given the preferences of users have phones not too expensive


Although not all , Apple's strategy last year was also closer to this idea , as evidenced by the introduction of a cheaper phone like the iPhone 5c, and even more , if we consider the trend of competition is to lower prices for their handsets.

If we ignore the terms of Misek , the idea of ​​raising the price could backfire for Apple , as their rivals could sit idly watching the smartphone market is stimulated by the release of the iPhone 6, and reap the rewards with the arrival of new customers , unhappy with the price increase of the iPhone.


Apple might think that the increase of $ 100 would not be relevant in the success or failure of the iPhone 6(iphone 5 best cases) and palliate that extra money , largely increased terminal costs . It is also important to mention that the analyst speaks only the price of the operators, but does not really say anything that would price the terminal freeform it increase too?

The company would be faced with the dilemma of maintaining prices or increase future phones to be a justification , bigger and more powerful new product. We will see very soon, but as we have since iMore , users prefer devices with large screens and cheaper .

Would you buy an iPhone 6 more expensive than the previous generation ?

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