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July 3 2014 5 03 /07 /July /2014 10:01


We again see an image of the Samsung Galaxy F, terminal rumored Samsung is surrounded by unknowns although its exterior design has already been exposed on several occasions. This time, the image is of much higher quality than previous ones, allowing us to see in detail the alleged metallic finish. Perfectly could correspond to one of the press images that would be released the day of the presentation. 

There was a time when there was talk of Samsung Galaxy Prime and Galaxy S5 F(cute cell phone cases) interchangeably, there was no certainty of what was each or if they really were the same terminal or not. Asian company finally revealed the Galaxy S5 LTE-A, making it clear that matched the improved version, the Premium version (3 gigs of RAM, Qualcomm Snapdragon processor and qHD screen 805) flagship presented in Barcelona. Therefore, the Galaxy F correspond to a new family that could play the role of second annual flagship vessel hereafter.

They started showing information about the possible metallic finish, improved design would be complemented by a performance equally surprising that the S5 Galaxy LTE-A. We saw a few weeks ago the first pictures where you could see a similar to the LG G3 over, but could not determine if it was like in the last terminal LG, emulating striped plastic or metal was really metal.

We soon see new images, this time in black terminal where it appeared that the casing was metal, the information accompanying these catches supported this theory. The last thing revealed so far was a better picture, pattern in gold(3d iphone 4 cases), but not very good quality. As reported from AndroidAyuda, @ evleaks, responsible for most of these leaks, has reissued today in a picture, this time with a quality that leaves much more room to analysis.


As you can see, there are many papers that the finish is metallic, Samsung engraving and horizontal marks leave no doubt if the picture is not made thinking about giving that feeling. In addition and as already sensed past, Koreans have sought to design a much more ergonomic smartphone, with rounded lines that allow a large screen as it surely will, do not be a nuisance when using it.

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