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July 27 2013 7 27 /07 /July /2013 09:21

Yesterday we offered you LG results for the second quarter and another South Korean company, in this case Samsung(Samsung Cover Case), makes today the same. As if it were an election period, every company sells its results as a victory like all politicians held seats won ... even if zero. Anyway, the difference is that both LG and Samsung if they have enough to celebrate, but each for different reasons.

In the case of Samsung, has been the launch of Samsung Galaxu S4 most likely the factor that has driven the company's results to allow beat his own record earnings, sales and even increase their market share against its main competitors like Apple , who have returned to see their piece of the pie reduced smartphone. Meanwhile, a brief aside, but related, other companies more 'small' as LG, ZTE and Huawei, have been other major beneficiaries of the market share loss of the company on the block to see an increase in their own.


Returning to Samsung's quarterly results, the data provided by the company appear to be a global size extrapolation of the successes in Spain during 2012, where the South Korean firm achieved record sales thanks to the Galaxy(cover case for samsung galaxy note 2) family.

According to studies by research firm IDC collected by The Verge, between the months of April and June Samsung have achieved a total income of 51,000 million dollars - about 38,400 million euros - of which 8,500 million - around 6,400 million euros - would correspond to operating profit.

Similarly, and as highlighted by the news agency Reuters, the company had increased its market share to 33.1 percent, while Apple would have been reduced to 13.6 percent. All this in the global smartphone market has registered a growth of 47 percent to stand at 229.6 million devices sold worldwide.

Unfortunately the sources do not agree on the sales data recorded by Samsung(samsung android screen protector) during the second quarter of 2013 since, as Reuters estimated at 76 million the number of smartphones marketed by the company worldwide, The Verge and IDC reduce it up to 72.4 million devices sold across the planet. Anyway, some data is doubling the sales figures of Apple - 31.2 million handsets sold -.


Clearly it never rains to everyone's taste and although the results of revenue and profits reaped by Samsung are the highest obtained in the same quarter, seem to indicate that they are still far from the forecasts made by the company and investors or analysts, so which has been a small setback in the price of the brand on Wall Street.

However and with that, from Seoul emphasize that "the sale of smartphones and the proceeds have increased" compared to the first quarter of the year, with the launch of Samsung Galaxy S4 - early July that reached 20 million units sold - since "quarterly revenues for the mobile phone sector increased by nine percent compared to the previous quarter."

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