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September 23 2014 3 23 /09 /September /2014 10:20



After almost four days since he put an for sale in several countries the new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus and begin to surface thoroughly tests of different elements of the phone. Last week I talked about the extensive photographic evidence it had in Icelandic land and now it's the turn of the screen.

The conclusion is clear discharged by DisplayMate, the iPhone screen is 6 plus(cool phone cases) the best LCD screen that have been tested so far. And before I pull someone's neck I'll highlight what better LCD and not OLED, because they are different things. And in the article itself DisplayMate make clear what.


This time, Ray Soneira Display Mate, has heaped praise on the iPhone screen 6 plus and gave a very good result to the screen of iPhone 6 At other times has come to criticize the earlier screen very hard iPhone. This time it is clear, the iPhone 6 plus screen is the best LCD screen that has proven.


LCD and OLED, two different technologies with their pros and cons

This does not mean that you consider to be the best available screen, emphasizes that the LED and OLED technology are different to define a superior to the other, each has its strengths and other points where falters. If it stops in OLED technology, the winners are the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and Galaxy S5.

In the words of Ray, 6 plus screen is the second screen on getting "very high or excellent" ratings in all areas as a measure of performance of a screen is concerned. The screen of the iPhone 6, even though good, does not reach the quality levels of the iPhone 6 plus.


We are facing the greatest improvement within the iPhone(cheap iphone 5 cases) screen since Apple introduced the Retina display on the iPhone 4 and it shows. Sharper, more accurate colors, less glare ... The screen of iPhone 6 would compete with the Samsung Galaxy S5 while the iPhone 6 plus you would with the Note 4.

In similar leagues and define which is better or worse depends on screen points take into consideration, OLED displays are strong in areas where the LED screens are not and vice versa. It seems that those who hesitate between an iPhone 6 plus or Note 4 will have to be more considerations besides the screen.

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