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April 24 2014 5 24 /04 /April /2014 11:20

It is a fact that mobile screens have become one of the main signs of identity and a compelling sales pitch . In the case of Samsung Galaxy S5 or any high-end model item acquire maximum levels of prominence, since the buyer simply wants the best of times. Therefore the firm has now released information that analyzes the behavior of the screen of your new flagship .

One of the first points to be analyzed is the reflection or glare when the sun or light shines directly on the display. According to the animation that the firm has published in one of their corporate websites as we can see the screen without S5(cute samsung galaxy s4 cases) cope with the 100% reflection , it is true that you have certain visibility when the incidence is not as straightforward . It is very much about the new Local Contrast Enhancement technology that the firm hoards Super AMOLED display on this model. This system divides and adjusts the screen in different parts for a more severe adjustment against reflex. The result is a severe condition in luminosity up to 1.6 times more than a conventional LCD . In practical terms what we achieve is that when sunlight acts up on the screen of the Samsung Galaxy S5 can view the contents of the screen, something that very few models on the market can boast .


Adapting is key

Another key point is the setting screen according to the ambient light , so that the brightness does not become a torture, excess , or something tedious, scarcity, when we read or watch the screen condition changing light . This quality, as defined by the firm Display Adapt , adjust brightness steadily to have a light balance at all times . This algorithm analyzes the incoming light and the content that is displayed , followed act provides color range , saturation and sharpness suitable . Needless to say that this quality can have multiple variable adjustment for whether the computer is displaying a website, a video or an eBook. Another detail is that Incident display blue lights normal instead of showing a yellow color, the correct approach to looking more natural tones.


Live Colour

What to say about the nature or vivid colors . Surely that is something that not only pleases the eye , but much encouraged to use the terminal. Not to mention how he likes it when we see pictures and videos. To analyze this parameter have two variable , first range of colors and secondly the contrast ratio . According signature Super AMOLED display Galaxy S5 has 1.4 times more color range ( 70 % -> 97 % ) and 77 times more contrast ( 1,300:1 -> 100,000:1 ) , a conventional LCD which we sincerely looks awesome. For more technical comment that the display of the Samsung Galaxy S5(best samsung galaxy s3 case) meets the Adobe RGB 1998 standards considered by the industry as being professional and displaces 1996 RGB standard , which also met in the S5 . In professional camera mode meets the Adobe RGB mode in Cinema mode ditto but with a low error tolerance of 0.005 .


Response time

We have left for last the response time , which is key not only when using the terminal in a normal manner , but when, for example , we have to take a picture with some speed and focus to capture something quickly. No need to say when in video mode approach has always " in focus " to what we want to record. According to the firm working speed unit display is 0.01ms , the fastest in the market. In addition , it ensures that this level of speed has a wide temperature range ( -10 to 40 Celsius) so you always have the list screen to take a good picture or a good video . Without doubt, one of the unfinished mobile from his origins seems is coming to an end.

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