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April 25 2014 6 25 /04 /April /2014 10:40
  • One would be on the big screen synonym of great phone.
  • Some Apple design elements determine the final size of the device.
  • One of the strengths that have the new terminal is its extreme thinness .


The size of the rumored iPhone 6 is compared with other Android phones : Galaxy S5 and HTC One M8

We have almost certain that Apple will release an iPhone 6(Cellphone Cases) with a larger screen than does the current model. This is demonstrated by all the rumors and leaks that we have met in recent weeks .

The competing phones have increased in size and although the Cupertino have never been characterized by following the trail of his rivals know that the preferences of users is that their terminals incorporate large screens , so they would have no choice but to increase the size of the screens of the upcoming mobile .


If you are aware of the rumors , you know that Apple have planned to market two versions of iPhone 6 different screen size. The large model probably incorporate a 5.5-inch , focused segment and the other model phablet take a screen of 4.7 inches which is the size by which most analysts are inclined individual .

Leaving aside the large model, which probably will be delayed a little longer, we could take the hypothetical 4.7-inch phone and compare it with a few competing terminals . Not always mean larger screens and larger devices , as seen in the comparison, there are design elements that can determine your own full size.

There are design elements that can determine your own final size


We can start comparing the iPhone 6 with two other terminals such as the 4.7-inch Motorola Moto X and G2 LG Mini. The first thing that jumps out is the confirmation of the previous sentence and is taking all three the same screen size , the Motorola phones and LG are smaller .

If we take a quick look , we see that the top and bottom bevels iPhone 6 are wider than those of the other two, as it incorporates the Home button with your Touch sensor ID . The idea of ​​keeping the same measures in both bevels much Apple would condition to reduce the overall size of the terminal.


Compared to the Nexus May 5 inch and 5.2-inch LG G2 , we appreciate the picture that the iPhone 6 would be very similar in size to Google and LG phones , but of course , with a slightly smaller screen.


When compared to the HTC One M8 5-inch Samsung Galaxy S5(cheap iphone 4s cases) and 5.1 inches , we see that the HTC device is much larger than the iPhone 6 with only 3/10 of an inch . However, the Samsung phone is smaller than HTC, but has a slightly larger than the future of Apple terminal slightly larger screen .

Therefore, the iPhone 6 rumored 4.7 inches , as reviewers from MacRumors , would struggle to impress the users when compared with Android phones , although one of their strengths may lie in the tremendous thinness of the device plus anything that involves Apple terminal .

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