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February 4 2013 2 04 /02 /February /2013 08:35

Cae renewing mobile (8%), while increasing the amount paid by terminal


In 2012 there were 15 million mobile(JIAYU G1) terminal renovations in Spain, 8% less than in 2011. Despite this drop in terminal change has doubled the average expenditure in the Spanish performing its new mobile, which currently stands at 97 euros.

The consultancy Kantar Worldpanel has released a new panel that reflects the purchasing habits, possession, spending and mobile use in Spain in 2012. The renovations fell 8 percent to 15 million. In most cases, the renovation is done to get a "smartphone(ThL A1)", a type of device that is already a 45% share of the installed base of phones in our country.

Within this segment, the study shows that 86.4% of the new "smartphones" from 8 October to 30 December 2012 were Android. The Apple iOS, although it has increased its sales with the introduction of the iPhone 5, represented only 6.4% of new handsets, RIM Blackberry has 2.5%, and just behind this the Nokia Symbian with 2.3 %.

Closes Windows Phone 8 list at 1.9%. This preference for Android gives not only in Spain, in the rest of Europe increased sales of these devices has been performed in 57.2% of the market in Britain, 68.5% in Germany, 58 , 8% in France and 49.6% in Italy.

After the end of subsidies to telephone(THL w6 smartphone) companies, to help the customer has purchased a new terminal, the average expenditure on devices has increased. The Spanish renew paid 97 euros for the fourth quarter, double the average paid 49 euros for the first quarter of 2012.

Still, 44 percent of users have not paid anything, while 29 per cent was paid in cash, 7% has funded and 49 percent have paid cash. The manager of Spain sel Comtech Sector Kantar Worldpanel, Hugo Liria, indicates that "this strategy based on price may actually be a double-edged sword for Android, and that as users become more skilled, more likely that the terminal will renew their opt for more sophisticated models. " Some Android users, 29%, to renew their terminal have changed preferred operating system, and most of these have happened to iPhone.

Share of operating systems (October-December 2012)
1. - Android: 86.4%
2. - IOS: 6.4%
3. - RIM: 2.5%
4. - Symbian: 2.3%
5. - Windows: 1.9%

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